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Have you ever face a situation like where you’re focused on a serious message conversation, and suddenly receive a spam message, isn’t it frustrating? Well, here’s a secret it’s frustrating even for a sender. With the development of technology,  database creation has come out as a significant cure to fight this.  

Lead creation is a solution that can save you and your business from being put in that dark category of annoying and aggressive sales tactics. Let’s explore more about database creation.  

A lead is defined as a likely visitor who visits your website, conveys interest in your products or services and freely provides their contact information. A visitor turns into a lead when they do one of the following things:

  • Register for a free trial, webinar or product demo.
  • Fill the form and provide the necessary contact details.
  • Call or send an email to get more information about products and services.

It’s important to understand that not all leads are equally and qualified the same way. Some of these differences depend on how much information can provide and what customer lifecycle stage they are in.  


Here’re different types of leads to understanding lead creation in deep that are generated by businesses. 

Marketing Qualified Lead

Marketing qualified leads are generated from marketing efforts, like providing a data guide or a product demo. Normally, buyers aren’t ready to connect with your sales team and are in the early stages of purchasing funnel. 

Sales Qualified Lead

  Sales qualified leads shows an interest in product or services, like by submitting the contact details or a quote request. These buyers usually want to talk to your sales team and occupy a lower stage of the purchase funnel. 

Service Qualified Lead

Service qualified lead is an active interest in your product/services because they already use and pay for them. These types of buyers will contact your sales team concerning a potential boost opportunity like by choosing a different plan, services offered etc. 

Product Qualified Lead

Product qualified leads allow users to sign up for free trials. They can take action after trying the product or services. A product qualified lead, for eg- can also connect with your sales team to ask several questions on that and learn more about what your company is offering. 

Lead creation helps you to target the genuine and potential audience for products and services that you're offering. It's important to generate quality leads, we'll look at some of the important benefits of lead creation. 


It has been proven that more than 60% of online generated leads are two times more profitable than trying the traditional sales method. Lead generation helps you to calculate the market situation in a very cost-effective way and help you stay ahead of the competition. 


Are you aware of, over 55% of marketers spend half of their marketing budgets on lead generation? Companies that use lead generation plans are more likely to make more sales by turning leads into full-fledged paid customers, it also increases the profit margin of the business.


Lead generation will help you target genuine customers based on geographic locations. This will also help you analyze where you can get your more desired customers. The team can even conduct some research before approaching them. 

By creating a database, you’ll not only gain revenue for your business but also helps you to stand in this competition. You may set your business off the ground easily and successfully, build real-time ROI and convert sales. 

Source URL: https://genleads.agency/custom-database-creation/


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