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Living space is scarce today in California and that is perhaps the reason why I would be eager to build an ADU unit. As you take a look around the property there is space and via constructing an ADU, you can optimize home equity value. The vacant land may not have so much value, but once the construction of this dwelling unit has taken place, there is an immediate positive impact on home value.

The core construction activity will have to be undertaken by professionals offering to do ADU conversion in Alameda. Construction is hectic work and one must not even look to save money by engaging in some DIY work. You should however note that the actual construction will be done at a later stage, but before that, there is a need to look into plenty of issues,

Your budget

The construction activity involves a budget and there is surely a need to discuss it with the professional. As you are pondering there is a need to realize that there are three possible options to build an ADU.

  • One can build a detached ADU and that is the most costly. You are opting for a completely separate construction and hence the costs are bound to escalate. However, if you are eager to boost up home equity value to the optimum levels, this form of the ADU must be constructed.
  • The attached ADU is the next option if you are looking to scale down on the budget.
  • The other option is the garage conversion and it is the cheapest alternative.

Is the ADU feasible at all?

One must realize that just because there is additional space the ADU construction may not be feasible. Is there any public utility going above the ground or even underground to your property? The ADU should be constructed at some specific distance from these utilities. Look to speak to the contractor on these matters and get valuable inputs.

The submission of the plan

There is a need to submit a plan to the authorities and it is here that you will need critical inputs. What is the height of the proposed ADU unit? This figure varies from place to place basis and there is a need to gather inputs from the contractor. One should note that the rules regarding parking change after the ADU construction. Your plan should include these details and the contractors can help out. They will offer you valuable inputs so that your application can receive a quick sanction.

These are the aspects to focus upon as you look to build an ADU. The finances must be ready and you will need a quick sanction from the authorities. Once these aspects have been looked into, there is no one to prevent you from constructing this space.


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