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Some of the Best To-Do Apps for Android in 2022

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The best feature about having the best Android phone is taking advantage of various to-do apps. There’s something here for everyone, from tons of features to a minimalist UI. So here are some picks for the best to-do apps for Android.

Without a doubt, and also with its subscription model, Todoist is the best to-do app for Android. It is available on every platform you think of and easily integrates into Google Chrome or Gmail with your Chrome extension. Plus, you can make the app as simple or sturdy as you need or turn it into a kanban board if that’s your kind of thing.

TickTick is another best to-do app for Android, which developers continue to integrate because of the various features. Using TickTick is as simple or complicated as you want it to be, but you also get extra tools such as the ability to use it as a habit tracker, or you can try on a Pomodoro Timer and focus a little.

Google Keep started as nothing more than a unique note-taking application, but it has evolved a lot over the years. Use it for lists or notes, then go back and find something specific if it comes back later. You can also make group-specific notes with labels or use location-based reminders so you don’t forget anything.

1.  Todoist

To create an essential shopping list or plan a big project, Todoist can do it all. The app is available on all your devices, including Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and even has a Chrome extension. The developers also have simplified integration with other services so that you can use Alexa, Google Calendar, Slack, and more.

The most exciting feature is “Natural Language Parsing,” which means Todoist will understand what you’re typing. There’s no need to try words or phrases in a specific way. So, type “take out the trash tomorrow at 7 pm”, and the rest will be done.

Todoist’s free plan gives the ability to have up to 80 different projects, recurring due dates, and integrations. However, if you want access to reminders, project templates, comments, and more, you’ll need to upgrade to Todoist Premium. Premium cost starts at either $4 per month or $36 per year, regardless of your device.

2.  TickTick

TickTick was further down the list in previous years due to few design choices and a lack of certain features. However, the developers are working hard to turn TickTick into one of the best solid productivity tools.

In addition, keeping track of your projects and upcoming tasks, TickTick also works as one of the best Habit apps for Android. Thanks to the built-in Habit Tracker, which can be easily accessed via the toolbar at the bottom.

And, TickTick includes a Pomodoro Timer for those who want to try something new to keep themselves productive by taking breaks if you wish. The Pomodoro Timer is customizable, so you can lie down, knock out a project, but take some well-deserved breaks in the process.

3.  Google Keep

Google Keep works great when you need to get ideas out of your mind and on paper. You can create different boards, use labels for organizational purposes, and use Google Assistant to determine what to do. Plus, you can use it as a bookmark saver so that you can share pictures, links, and more.

Keeping your notes and tasks in one place is extremely helpful and useful. You’ll be able to set time and location reminders, as well as check off tasks as you knock them out. You can also color-code your tasks and notes to find what you’re looking for at a glance.

One of the best features about Keep is the pricing — there isn’t any. Google has made the app free, removing the need to add another subscription to your bills every month. Use the app, get work done and save those ideas for future projects.

There are more great to-do apps


Any.do app aims to keep you organized through to-do lists and provides a beautiful experience while doing so with the tasks you need to complete. If you sign up using your Google Account, Any.do will also connect to your Google Calendar, so everything is in one place.


Workflowy lets you create a system that is too complex or too simple. There is a bit of a learning curve, as you won’t find an exhaustive way to mark your completed tasks, but the app includes many features you need.


Instead of creating list after list and adding specific tasks just to be disappointed, Trello turns things around. This app works with customized boards and specific blocks as per your needs. Trello also offers “Power-Ups” to improve the various cards found on your board, such as custom field inputs.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk aims to find groceries as easily as possible while still offering a fully-featured to-do list. With options to add specific items to your shopping list along with zip code-based deals, barcodes, and the ability to add reminders for specific items on your to-do list, there’s a lot to love here.

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