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The Marketplace application serves as a digital distribution platform. Marketplace is a very useful application for connecting sellers and buyers and making the buying and selling process more comfortable. The full range of products that the seller offers to the customers will be the decisive factors for winning the customers. Marketplace buyer application is the best platform to explore various kinds of products of different sellers to buy online premium and quality items quickly from the market. This platform connects buyers with the seller and its products to buy. Marketplace seller application is the best platform to sell online premium and quality items quickly with zero investment. Sellers can create and manage the online business with the Marketplace seller platform in very less time, This platform provides the fastest way for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to sell their products into the market.

Marketplace  Application Features

Seller Application Features

General Info:

When a new user adds a product of his own, the first thing he has to do is enter his number and verify it. After the number is verified, the user will get an OTP. Users will be able to use this application easily after verification. After verification, the user will have to enter his information. Sellers can set the information when it is sold for the first time in the marketplace.


Users can set their own profile after verification. Can insert their own details in the profile.  They can also update their provided information anytime.


An extensive dashboard will allow you to set up products, total no of orders, product revenue, and product feedback. The seller can explore their current and past orders list. The seller can see the list of his orders and all the orders. The seller can view the payment of his order and the details of the order.

Product listings:

The seller can add its own item and determine its price. Provide as much product information as possible to buyers. The seller can help the customer to develop the listed templates. Sellers are also able to easily monitor inventory levels.

Product Add, Update And Delete:

The seller can add or delete details of its product in the marketplace  application. The seller can do this if it wants to update its details.

Buyer Application Features

General Profile:

If a user comes to the Marketplace Buyer application for the first time, he or she will get an OTP after entering his / her phone number like Sellar which will have to be verified.The buyer can add his own details after verifying his profile. Buyer can view their provided information from the view profile option and they can also update their provided information anytime.

Product Search:

Buyers can navigate to any product so they can easily find a seller. The buyer can browse the products by their categories, explore the featured products in the market, get suggestions for best-selling products. If a buyer wants to buy a certain item, he can easily go into the category and buy.

Products filter:

The Marketplace app provides filters so that any buyer can easily find and buy a particular item. In which the buyer can filter the price as per his wish. If the buyer wants to see the low price item first, he can use the filter. If a buyer wants to buy something that sells better, he can filter it out.

Category List:

The Users can choose their own category list. And keep a list of favorites and anyone can see it at any time. A user can easily see an item in the user category list. After category selection, buyers can see only that particular category's product.


User sees something in front of him and likes that thing. The user does not buy the item he likes at the moment but if he wants to buy it in the future, then the user will save the item in his wish list. If a user likes something but it is not currently available, they can add it to the wishlist.

Delivery Address:

Users can set their own address. Users can set more than one address. Users can set one address by default. Users can use the map to set their own address.

Order status:

The user can see the order made by himself. Know the status of the order. Can know when the order will be received. Get notified when your order arrives.

Admin side features

The feature helps business owners to look at every aspect of their business from sellers and buyers and make the buying and selling process more comfortable. From the admin side, the admin can manage the user management, seller management, products management, order management etc.  Also, they can manage city, state and country management.

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