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Microsoft Word is an application that can be used by people from all walks of life. Microsoft Word is used by homemakers, students, and professionals. It's used to write letters, draft emails, and write assignments. Microsoft Word is the best option for almost any type of document. However, Microsoft Word can sometimes crash out of nowhere.

What happens when Microsoft Word keeps crashing in Windows 10?

If Microsoft Word crashes, you may experience issues such as documents not being saved, word documents closing abruptly without any apparent reason, or even freezing. You can seek assistance from your IT administrator. mcafee antivirus not scanning However, if he is unavailable and you need to complete a task quickly, this is a good option. You can use these easy-to-follow self-help methods to solve the problem.

How can I fix Microsoft Word that keeps crashing?

It is recommended that we take a backup before moving on to the next steps in the resolution of the “Microsoft Word keeps freezing” issue. You will have backups of your documents in case you get into trouble and have to reinstall Microsoft Word.

Right backup can be used to protect Word files from being lost due to Microsoft Word crashes.


  • It features a 12-hour automated scheduler that allows you to back up your data to the cloud.
  • It comes with smart and custom restore functionality that allows you to restore any backed-up files you wish.
  • All major platforms supported (Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as Mac).

This is an important step if you are experiencing this problem often. It is recommended that you switch on the Always Create Backup Copy option for a while so that you always have a backup in case something goes wrong. Here's how to enable it:

Method 1: Disable or Remove Third-Party Add-ons

There are Microsoft Word Addins that can increase your productivity. However, some of these can cause problems with the application's operation. Some can cause Microsoft Word to crash abruptly or even freeze completely.

You can disable or remove each Add-in one at a time. This will help you identify the add-in that is causing Microsoft Word to crash in Windows 10.


  1. Open Microsoft Word and click on File.
  2. Click on Add-ins in the left-hand pane. You will see all add-ons listed here.
  3. Click on the Manage dropdown at the bottom of your screen and select COM Addins. Then click on Go
  4. Select the add-ins you want to disable or delete from the dialog that opens the net.
  5. To disable the add-in, uncheck its box. Click on the checkbox to uncheck it. Then click on Remove.
  6. Click OK to save your changes

Method 2: Open the Word Document in Safe Mode

You can open Microsoft Word in safe mode if it crashes now and again and it is not opening regularly. These steps are only applicable to Office 2010 and 2013, 2016, and 2019, which is important to remember.

  1. Double-click the shortcut to Microsoft Word by pressing Ctrl
  2. Click on Yes in the next window.
  3. Alternatively, you can press Windows + R key to type WinWord/safe and then click OK. This is particularly useful if your version of Office 2010 is older.

Method 3: Did I Lose My Document?

This is more of a preventative measure. When you discover that your unsaved document has been lost due to the crash, it will make your heart skip a beat. Don't panic, we'll see what to do. In most cases, Microsoft Word crashes and the previous document opens.

You can search for the AutoRecovery file location using these steps.

  1. Click on File, then click Options, and finally click on Save. Copy the path to the AutoRecovery file
  2. Go to File Explorer and copy the location path
  3. Now you can find the unsaved file in. and format. Copy this
  4. Follow the steps below to open Microsoft Word. Paste the. asd file in the file name area. Click on the word file you want to recover.

Method 4: Make use of the Microsoft Word Inbuilt Office Repair tool

Microsoft Word crashes or freezes, or if it is not responding to your requests, you can use the built-in Office repair tool.

  1. Press the Windows key to open Start
  2. Type Control Panel into the search box, and click it
  3. Click on Programs, then click on Uninstall.
  4. Right-click Microsoft Office Suite, and click on Change
  5. Click on Repair to open a pop-up window.
  6. Once you click on continue, two options will open up to you: Online Repair or Quick Repair
  7. Once you click on one option, the repair mode will repair your office program
  8. You can now restart your computer to check if the Word file works properly.

In the End

To resolve problems, it is always good to have some troubleshooting tools on hand. There will be times when you're all alone and need to deal with issues such as word file crashes. We hope you found these solutions helpful. If you have a better solution, please leave a comment.


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