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Sound mixing is an art that takes much time and effort to master. Good sound mixing can make listeners fall in love with your skills. If you have put your steps in the field of audio post-production, you are at the right place. We have brought the best mixing tips for you. Here is what you need to do to get the best mixing results. Have a look at the best sound mixing tips for Logic Pro X.

Record Sounds Properly

It is good to mix sound when the recording is complete. The sole purpose should be to record all the sounds properly. If the sounds are not clear, try to re-record them. If you are making effects using various objects in a room, make sure that the room should be well-equipped with canvas. Canvas is a good fabric that helps make a room soundproof. If you are aware of the techniques to make a room soundproof, it is sure that you will succeed in recording noiseless audio. The more soundproof your room is, the better quality your mixes will have.

Listen to the Sounds and Effects

Before creating your effects and sounds, it is good to listen to some professionally-recorded sounds and effects as these can give you a good idea. Start recording the effects and sounds as professionals do. Keep in mind that when you record the sounds and effects, record them in stereo mode as recording in mono mode is not preferred by professionals. If you have already recorded a mono sound and want to make it stereo later, you can pan the sound to either the left and the right channel.

Check Your Mix at Different Volume Level

Listening to a sound at a low volume level may not give you a clear idea of how good or bad it is. You can listen to it at a high volume without affecting your home speakers. The right decision would be to choose studio monitors as they offer the right sound output. If you use headphones, listen to sound at a low volume level as it may help you better focus on the midrange. To add bass or treble to a sound, you can apply EQ to the sound. Logic Pro comes with an in-built equalizer. If you are not happy about the results that the Logic’s in-built equalizer offers, you can use NOVA for applying EQ.

Understand the Relevance of Stereo Mode

The stereo effect has its relevance in the world of mixing. Sometimes, it can be that the two instruments at the same volume level can’t be heard clearly as both instruments overlap each other. The problem is called “Masking.” To avoid this, you need to keep the sound of any of both instruments in stereo mode. It is an effective tip that you can put to your use to prevent masking.

Cut Frequencies and Add Reverb

You need to cut the harsh frequencies as these may ruin your recordings completely. The task of cutting harsh frequencies can be carried out better with the help of FabFilter Pro Q3. After you have eliminated all the bad frequencies, now is the time to apply reverb. You can add reverb to make listeners feel as if they are listening to a sound in the real world. You can use Ozone 5 for adding different types of reverb.


The secrets to mixing have been revealed above. These will perform wonders if put into action in the right way. Not only will these open the door to success in the field of audio post-production, but they will also help you work effectively.

Source: Sound-Mixing Tips for Logic Pro X

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