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The future of environmentally friendly technology cars seems to be getting brighter in Indonesia. This is because the Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang, who came to Japan in order to lobby a number of car manufacturers there, divulged the results of his meeting.

Starting from Mitsubishi Motor Corporations, Toyota Motors Corporation, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Company. Ltd., and Mazda Motor Corporation, the Minister of Industry lobbied successfully with positive results.

The Minister of Industry brought “souvenirs” in the form of strengthening old investment and new investment commitments in the automotive sector amounting to tens of trillions of Rupiah. In addition, several models that will carry electrification technology are also revealed to be made in the country.

“We continue to encourage them to immediately invest and build factories in Indonesia. They will immediately consider and calculate the investment needs in Indonesia. Hopefully later on our next visit in May we will hear about Mazda's developments in investing in Indonesia,” he said. Minister of Industry in his written statement (12/3).

In addition to an investment with quite a fantastic value, what is interesting of course is the subtle leakage of the models from a number of these manufacturers.

Honda Wants to Develop A New Model

From the results of the Minister of Industry's lobbying, it was stated that Honda wanted to move its existing production facilities in India to Indonesia. This manufacturer also wants to make a base for exports to South Africa, Mexico, North America and South America.

Reportedly from there, Honda will also develop a new model and is committed to developing electric cars in the country. As to what its form or species looks like, it is not known.

The Minister of Industry said, from a meeting with the principals of Honda Motor Company, Ltd., the company was committed to investing Rp. 5.2 trillion!

Suzuki Intends to Develop Ertiga and XL7

From the meeting between the Minister of Industry and manufacturers with the S logo in Japan, it was stated that Indonesia would be the basis for the development of Suzuki Ertiga and Suzuki XL7 products. Reportedly from there the two sharing platform models will be introduced as a mild hybrid type of vehicle with integrated starter generator (ISG) technology.

Suzuki is also known to have had an EV (electric vehicle) roadmap, aka an electric car, and said that incentives from government policies are needed to increase the production of environmentally friendly cars.

Suzuki's investment in Indonesia of Rp 1.2 trillion is said to flow to Indonesia. This manufacturer also intends to boost exports from Indonesia to the Asian and Latin American markets.

Is Mitsubishi ready to produce Xpander Hybrid?

One interesting strategic piece of information from the Minister of Industry's ‘souvenirs' is about Mitsubishi. This is because a number of national media quoted the Minister of Industry as saying that the manufacturer with the three-diamond logo will develop two hybrid models, one of which is the Mitsubishi Xpander.

Of course, if the hybrid-engined Xpander will actually materialize, it will certainly be very interesting. Because it could be that he will add hybrid vehicles in the Low MPV class after the Suzuki Ertiga (although what will be developed is called a mild hybrid).

The second hybrid model to be developed by Mitsubishi in Indonesia is said to carry PHEV technology. PHEV technology itself is currently in the Mitsubishi Indonesia line up which is owned by Outlander.

Mitsubishi is committed to increasing investment by Rp 11.2 trillion by the end of 2025 with a projection of an increase in production capacity, from 220 thousand to 250 thousand units.

Toyota Export Expansion

So far, no information has been obtained regarding the plans for new products or the development of EV technology that will be carried out by Toyota Indonesia. The Minister of Industry only said that Toyota was committed to expanding the export market.

“Toyota remains committed to investing Rp. 28 trillion. They are also committed to expanding the export market, from 80 countries that are now export markets to be developed into 100 countries by 2024,” said the Minister of Industry.

For information, Toyota is known as the largest company in investment since carrying out activities in Indonesia. Hopefully there are plans for the Avanza or other economic models related to electrification.

Mazda Still Selling Expensive

The Minister of Industry also lobbied Mazda Motor Corporation to build a factory in Indonesia by conveying various investment conveniences and many incentives for new automotive investors in Indonesia.

“We continue to encourage them to immediately invest and build factories in Indonesia. They will immediately consider and calculate for investment needs in Indonesia. Hopefully later on our next visit in May we can hear about Mazda's progress in investing in Indonesia, “said the Minister of Industry.

That is the list of leaks revealed by the Minister of Industry in his lobbies to the hometowns of a number of large manufacturers in Japan. Of course this is a very good hope for the future.

Not only is it an advantage for consumers because the choice of products with environmentally friendly engines will become more diverse in the future, but the business climate and economy of the country should also be more excited by the entry of investment from Japan. 

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