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Some people might not give thought to the type of candles that they buy. They just know that they want to enjoy a candle. Most people in fact love them. They love the way that they make them feel. Funny as it is, a candle can bring out a host of emotions out of people. They can be calming. They set set a relaxing mood at such events like a dinner. They can be romantic. There's nothing that makes a romantic dinner special like a candlelight dinner. Candles can also be awe-inspiring. People can almost loose their breath in reverence at the sight of a candle garden lit in a church or a cathedral. Although they have a soft glow, their flame and presence can have a powerful affect on people. Luxury Soy Candles Supplier

For some people, candles are a big part of their lives. This is why its important to them to burn and use candles that will be good for not only their emotional well being, but for their physical well being also. For these type of candle enthusiast, they chose to use candles prepared with a natural base, instead of the usual cheap candles made out of paraffin. Paraffin is a material that is made out of petroleum. If you burn a candle, you might notice a strong chemical odor. This is why. Manufacturers like to use paraffin to make candles, because it is an inexpensive material to use, compared to natural waxes. However, there can be health risk associated with the use of paraffin based candles. Since paraffin is an petroleum based product, all of the chemicals that one might inhale from burning oil, they would inhale burning a paraffin candle. Paraffin also leave soot when it burns. It leaves soot on the candle. It releases soot into the air. This can be a huge problem especially for someone who has respiratory issues.

A solution for these problems is to use candles that are made out of soy wax. Soy wax has been used for soy wax candles for around 20 years now. Soy wax candles are made from soy beans. Soy beans are not only a natural product, but since they are edible, they are non-toxic. That means that there is no more worrying about breathing in toxic fumes and chemicals. Soy wax candles tend to be a bit more expensive than paraffin candles, but soy candles are worth the money. This is because soy candles last at least twice as long as paraffin candles. Scented soy wax candles

Soy wax candles hold on to scent longer. This will create a more pleasing aroma when it is being burned. Because soy wax candles burn slower, they won't give off a smell that hits you over the head so to speak. This is good news for people who have nasal allergies, or are allergic to strong fragrance. Soy candles really don't have a down side. They are safer for the environment as well. When you are looking to buy candles, soy wax candles are the way to go if you care about your health, and want your money's worth.

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