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Over the course of the pandemic, home-buying patterns and preferences have shifted. People have come to understand the value of having their own homeー a space for all members to reside safely. With work methods changing, people are spending more time indoors, leading to the need for well-designed homes. The buying trends reflect that the demand for spacious homes has increased significantly. Flats in Alipore, Kolkata set the ultimate benchmark for spacious living in the heart of Kolkata. However, for new homebuyers, decorating the space may be a challenging task. To make it easier, below are some design ideas for ready-to-move apartments.

Make Use of the Space

For homeowners who have the luxury to have spacious living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and dining spaces as well as balconies, decoration has abundant scope to experiment with. Incorporating a heavy sofa set in the centre of the living room, accompanied by a glass table can draw eyeballs to one piece of furniture, rather than aimlessly wandering around. Picking bold and unique colours, different from the walls, yet seamlessly complementing them, is a good idea. Tall planters for the corners of the rooms make great options for filling up the empty space in a large flat for sale in Alipore.

For bedrooms, the headboard of the bed can express a larger-than-life theme. When the idea is to make the room appear less empty, accessories like large-sized paintings, photographs, lampshades, candle holders, and sculptures perfectly accentuate the look and feel of the space. A heavily ornate chandelier or a statement light fixture can also transform the impression of the space.

Choose Colours and Textures Rightly

While it is difficult to go wrong with colour selection for larger spaces, it is not impossible. For smaller spaces, it is advisable to choose lighter shades – so that light can bounce off the walls and give the illusion of an open space. For larger and spacious areas, you naturally have more wall space to experiment with.

You may choose to highlight one particular wall and accentuate it with frames and furniture, while allowing the other walls and ceiling to remain lighter. It is also aesthetically pleasing if you maintain coherence between the different living spaces. Similarly, if you choose a pattern on the wall or curtains, keep harmony throughout the floor. Also, you can choose to keep things understated with the colours, and instead opt to highlight your home with furnishings.

Make Use of Mirrors

Interior designers recommend using mirrors to create the illusion of expanded suites. Using mirrors as an apartment interior design applies to larger units too. Choose from the varying shapes and sizes of mirrors and strategically place them throughout your apartment in a way that makes light reflect. Tall mirrors can provide the illusion of a taller ceiling while also illuminating darker corners. A wall of dainty embellished mirrors can instantly add bling to a ready-made flat for sale in Alipore.

Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a stretch of wall that you cannot figure out what to do with, or simply just looks emptyーturn it into a memory wall! Arranging uniformly sized frames in a pattern adds a lot of depth and dimension to empty walls. In addition, the walls can be painted in bi-colour or multi-colour patterns or stripes to further make a statement with contrasting frames. Once the emptiest wall will now be the warmest one to look at!

Make Use of Smart Storage

Oftentimes certain spaces in our homes remain unused. Figure out such spaces and plan to optimally use these areas. For example, the space beneath the staircase, the area beneath the television, or just any corner. For storing additional stuff, you can convert such areas into concealed storage or shelves. Collapsible furniture designs are popular smart decor solutions in flats in Alipore, Kolkata. Keep your home organised and tidy, while eliminating cluttered visual displeasure too.

Every element of an apartment design, from furniture to the paint, from the texture of cushion covers to the fabric of curtains, adds to the overall aesthetic. Spacious ready-to-live apartments from builders such as PS Group are visually appealing as well as offer plenty of functionality. Also, the way you create a balance in an apartment through design ties all the elements together. Although there are innumerable ideas to decorate a residence with templates, it is your taste that must shine through. Make sure to research thoroughly and reflect your personality, while keeping the functionality aspect intact, through the design of your apartment.


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