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Finding love on a social networking site like Facebook is trending with the beta-tested dating site, Sparked.

Who knows that the next person you are chatting with on Facebook could become the love of your life. Facebook has come up with another adventure, Sparked, a speed-dating site where you can connect with others via video chat and texts. We can expect such a development from Facebook as only last year; it was working on smart glasses, facial recognition features.

  Earlier, Facebook launched ‘’Facebook Dating,’’ another online dating site in 2019 in European countries. There, users can use the profile of others to show their interests and start the conversation. Facebook used to suggest potential matches by going through the common interests. Apart from all this, people could post clips of virtual dating via the ‘’Stories’’ feature.

 ‘’Sparked’’ will be completely free of cost after its launch. But one can’t use the conventional ways like using public profiles, DMs, and swipes to show interest in other people. On the contrary, the latest app speed dating site based on videos has an emphasis on kindness. The sign-up process introduced in the dating site asks the users to remain kind even if they fail to find the match.  Besides, the developers encourage the users to use this site, declaring it as a safe place. Most significantly, it even indicates to people what can make them a kind and enjoyable date.

Rather than choosing a swipe, the users willing to go for a date can indicate what they are looking for.  The dating site will respond to their queries with various virtual events relevant to their questions. As per the reports presented by  The Verge, Sparked is still in the developing phase and carrying the testing status at the moment. It has been created by the New Product Experimentation team, i.e., NPE of Facebook.

How Sparked The New Dating Site Works

NPE is the same team that has recently helped in the launching of the BARS rapping app. According to some minor details about the new speed dating site, the users will avail themselves of a series of four-minute dates through the webcam. In a smooth internet connection, the pair willing to date can extend the second video up to ten minutes. If everything goes alright between the dating pair, they can share their contact details such as email address or social media handles.

Sharing such details will further help them know each other better and on their own time whenever they want outside the dating site Sparked. Switching from profiles to video chatting is an excellent and exciting thing. It allows people to meet, know each other and go ahead in the best possible way and right from the beginning. No doubt, this approach has gained much more critical than it had ever before. It plays an important role these days when the pandemic has made in-person meetings tricky but somewhat risky. Since the ongoing situation impacts all sections of society, Sparked introduced by Facebook can be the most valuable and powerful way that helps people meet and date each other and that too hassle-free.

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