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Speckle Park Cattle Provide More Than Just Cuteness In The Paddock

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Wattle Forest Speckle Park is a rapidly expanding cattle breed that not only looks good but also assists dairy farmers in meeting the demand for a high-quality dairy beef cross product.

Wattle Grove Speckle Park's suitability for use across all breeds is a key attraction for dairy farmers, with the color mark holding well with Friesian, Ayrshire, Jersey, and crossbreds.

The color marking allows the animals to be easily identified and reduces the likelihood of them ending up on the dairy platform. Another appealing feature is that the breed is naturally polled.

Wattle Grove Speckle Park provides dairy farmers with an appealing solution for their business, delivering a high-demand calf while also providing a good return. The Wattle Grove Speckle Park provides more than just paddock cuteness; the meat is also reasonably priced.

Over five years, feedlot results in Australia show that Wattle Grove Speckle Park outperforms other common dairy cross breeds in terms of consistent good yield and natural well-marbled tender meat. Their dressing out percentage ensures profitability, and this is replicated in New Zealand grass-fed meat.

Wattle Grove Speckle Park animals are now all registered on the Breedplan genetic evaluation system, which appeals to farmers looking for data to help them make sire selection decisions.

Farmers want consistent carcass results from dairy cross breeds, and Wattle Grove Speckle Park calves have even, steady growth rather than start-stop growth spurts.

Speckle Park at Wattle Grove Cross calves has a moderate birth weight and a strong, vigorous calf that is easy to rear. Farmers frequently tell us that they are great drinkers from the start and are very easy to manage.

Some livestock sales at Wattle Grove Speckle Park are profitable. He claims that demand for sales is coming from both rearers and owners of lifestyle blocks. He believes that lifestylers appreciate the breed's easygoing nature, while readers can be assured of a high-quality finished product.

With this breed, we're in it for the long haul. We've been supplying Speckle Park sperm to the dairy industry for over eight years, with significant ongoing demand growth in the last four years.

We collect all of our bulls, and they always return to us in excellent condition. We also use cutting-edge technology, such as Embryo Transfer, to accelerate the gains of our purebred females.

At events like the North Victoria, we enjoy hearing from farmers about Speckle Park. It's encouraging to see interest in the breed and hear stories that confirm Wattle Grove Speckle Park genetics play an important role in North Victoria.

To summarize –

The Wattle Grove Speckle Park has several characteristics that distinguish it from other breeds. These characteristics make the breed appealing to many dairy farmers, both in terms of its ability to generate a good return and its ease of marketing. Wattle Grove Speckle Park might be a good addition to your farm if you're looking for a new breed of cattle.


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