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Another chainsaw from a well-known manufacturer that may be used for a variety of tasks in the garden and on a private plot. The power of the chainsaw is insufficient to cut through thick logs or topple big trees, hence it cannot be categorised as a professional class. The gadget only has one speed, however this is sufficient for the majority of user tasks, especially when some power equipment is used. The gasoline tank's larger capacity and the power equipment are some of the model's distinguishing characteristics. It can store up to 400 cc of gasoline, which is plenty for several days' worth of labour. The user also receives a comprehensive instruction booklet for the power equipment, a bar, a chain, a key for disassembling the saw, and a handy case for keeping the tool in addition to the actual instrument.


weight 4.1 kg;
bus length 40 cm;
power 1350 W.
very easy and quick start;
chain tensioning can be done without a key;
reliable proven manufacturer;
high-quality body assembly;
virtually no vibration.
many users complain about the increased noise of the chainsaw;
no spare chain included.

This model, too, cannot be called a budget model, but a trusted manufacturer is engaged in its production, which guarantees the excellent quality of its devices.

The gadget also boasts greater efficiency, making it simple to cut firewood, prune, or trim old garden trees using it. The maker equipped the equipment with a roomy 460 ml fuel tank because it is powered by gasoline. Since it is sealed, even after prolonged usage, there are no leaks. The maker equipped the gadget with a chain brake so that the owner might feel secure in his safety. The engine may suddenly stop thanks to this design element. Even in the dark, the chainsaw starts up swiftly and smoothly.


weight 4.8 kg;
power 2600 W;
bus length 50 cm.
high performance;
very easy to start;
sealed fuel tank;
simple and straightforward user manual;
performance independent of ambient temperature.
high price;
makes a lot of noise during operation.

Makita EA3202S-40
This chainsaw from a reputable Japanese company falls into the mid-price level, but it also enables you to carry out a variety of tasks in the garden and on your own plot. Due to the Makita brand's stringent quality control measures and commitment to long-term operation, the price has gone up. The gadget has a special SafetyMatic technology that offers an immediate engine stop. Additionally, the maker included a special Easy-Start technology that makes it possible to start the chainsaw fast and effortlessly. Additionally, the gadget has a special vibration dampening technology that considerably lessens pain when in use.


weight 4.1 kg;
power 1350 W;
bus length 40 cm.
reliable proven manufacturer;
very high quality and neat assembly;
ergonomically shaped handle is comfortable to hold;
suitable power for household use;
quick and easy to start.
sometimes oil drips;
not very convenient location of the switch: it is easy to touch it during operation.

TOP-4 of the best inexpensive chainsaws up to 5000 rubles
It makes little sense to purchase a pricey semi-professional or professional model if you just intend to use the chainsaw occasionally. A low-cost domestic appliance will do.

The gasoline engine of the Kruger chainsaw has a horsepower rating of 4.5. has a 52 cm3 capacity that doesn't require regular recharging. A protective plastic cover on the tyre ensures the operator's security and avoids tool breakage. The option for a gentle start is included in the engine. It is powered by a combination of oil and AI-92 gasoline.

The fuel is combined according to the ratios specified in the instructions. The instrument comes with instructions in Russian for our nation even though it is made by a German company. Moreover, there is a one-year warranty. The chain brake on the Kruger chainsaw rapidly stops the chain if it becomes trapped or runs into a nail. A chain tension adjuster is also a feature of the tool. Saw maintenance time is drastically decreased since the chain is greased automatically. The gasoline saw's maker gave it thermal ignition system protection in order to prevent early failure.


weight 6 kg;
chain pitch 3/8 inch;
bus length 45 cm.
the chain can be tightened without the use of a wrench;
there is thermal protection of the ignition system;
there is a soft start option;
high power;
anti-vibration protection.
slightly noisy due to increased power.

A good chainsaw may greatly simplify gardening and serve as a trustworthy domestic aid. But how can you pick a quality model? Prior to anything else, you should select the tool's class. either semi- or professionally, or in the home. This affects the device's capabilities generally as well as its performance. This ranking of the price to quality ratio will assist you in making the best chainsaw decision. It lists the top chainsaw models from various manufacturers based on the 2021 version.


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