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Spices: How to use them in the Kitchen

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Make your recipes even more delicious by adding tasty spices to them instead! Spices can express much about a culture's cuisine, and spices are used in various savoury and sweet foods worldwide. So, the most basic recipes can be transformed into something that tastes new and interesting with the addition of a little spice. For example, you might want to try a new spice in one of your family's favourite recipes that uses one or more spices. Various plants and trees grow bark, fruits, buds, roots, seeds, or stems used as spices. Compared with plants, herbs are made up of leafy parts that don't possess woody stems. As a result, herbs can be dried or fresh, and herbs have strength and a stronger flavour.

Listed below are common cooking spices that are commonly used in cooking

The flavour of allspice is similar to that of an amalgamation of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. That is why it has been given the name “allspice”. Both sweet and savoury dishes can be made with this spice, such as Goan fish curry. Undoubtedly, it adds a distinct flavour to baked goods like pumpkin desserts or spiced cakes. It is also utilized in pickling and is one of the main ingredients of jerk seasoning.

The flavour of anise is sweet and liquorice-like, which gives foods a sweet taste. It is traditionally used in Southeast Asian cooking to flavour beverages, poultry, bread, pork, and other dishes.

The aroma of cardamom is strong, and its taste is spicy-sweet and warm. It is used in many dishes such as Goan Fish Curry, tikka masala and many more. Because this ingredient is so strong, you should only use a very small amount at a time. It is widely used in the cooking of East Indian cuisine and Scandinavian cuisine.

Usually, cayenne pepper is considered to be one of the strongest and spicier spices in the world. With over 200 varieties available, it is a staple ingredient in many cuisines, including African, Chinese, Cajun, Indian, Southeast Asian, Mexican, and South American. In addition, it can be used in various ways to add a little heat to various dishes, such as Goan Fish Curry.

Chinese five spices
Five different spices make up the Chinese five spice blend, and each spice is included in equal quantities; these spices include cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, cloves, and Szechuan peppercorns. In Asian markets and most grocery stores, you can often find prepackaged mixes of this condiment, which has been used in Chinese cooking for generations. You can also make your own.

The flavour of cinnamon is woody, sweet, and fruity. In North America, cassia cinnamon is the most common, which comes in wide varieties. In addition to using, it in sweet dishes, you can also use it in savoury stews, curries, soups, and desserts. Also, it is a great dish to serve with beef. In addition to the Rhubarb and Apple Loaf, you can make Goan Fish Curry and other different types of curry with it.

When used in sweet or savoury recipes, cloves produce a sweet yet spicy taste. There are many ways to use this spice in baked goods, pickles, smoked meats, mulled beverages, Goan Fish Curry, and sauces. It is possible to use them whole or ground, depending on your preference. It is recommended that you use cloves in moderation since they go a long way when used in moderation.




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