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Finally, the much-anticipated Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 has been dropped, revealing 16 secrets and Easter Eggs. With the excitement reaching its peak for the Spider-Man No Way Home Movie, Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 creates a great internet buzz. And after the trailer has finally been released, it is an unusual one: it focuses on things that it didn’t show than the one it did. 

Spider-Man No Way Home is a multiverse adventure in which Spider-Man will be seen forcing Doctor Strange to rewrite history. However, the experiment goes entirely wrong and brings all classic Spiderman villains into the MCU. Also, there has been a constant buzz that Spider-Man No Way Home will feature the return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. However, both the actors were seen completely absent from the Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2. And the focus of trailer 2 remains centered on Holland’s MCU spiderman. 

However, the Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 was not disappointing in any way. It confirms that the main story beats Spider-Man, setting up a third grand act for the Spider-Man No Way Home movie. Here are the primary reveals from Spider-Man Ni Way Home Trailer 2

Peter Parker Conflict between two personas

In the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer 2, Spider-Man can be seen facing two personas. In the movie, Spider-Man faces two personas after his secret identity gets revealed to the world. While on one hand, Spider-Man wants the world to forget about him to resume his everyday life, he also doesn’t wish MJ to forget about him. In the Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2, Spiderman can be seen admitting that she is the only one in his life who makes him feel normal. 

Well, When Spiderman’s identity was revealed to the world, it was handled in the basic Marvel Superhero way. With Peter feeling the desperate need to get back to his everyday life, he was unable to leave behind the duties of Spider-Man for good. The whole conflict explains Peter’s panic when he realizes that Doctor Strange spell will erase everybody’s memories. Because no matter how much he likes his privacy, Spider-Man doesn’t want to lose his bond with MJ. 

Why do villains from other Spiderman movies enter the MCU? 

The Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 shows the magical shot where Doctor Strange is performing a magic spell. However, this time the scene is accompanied by a dialogue explaining the presence of other Spiderman movies villains in The Spider-Man No Way Home movie. The dialog states, “it seems this universe has begun getting “visitors from other dimensions.”

Marvel admitting that some of its villain’s names sound dumb

The Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 comes with many surprises, and the biggest is Marvel finally admitting that some of its villain’s names sound dumb. It comes before the conversation of Spider-Man, his friends, and Dr. Octopus. Further, Dr. Octopus is one of the most important multi universal villains in the Spider-Man No Way Home movie. Also, the conversation between Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus is likely to establish some sort of connection between them. Also, it seems that Dr. Octopus is the only one who can understand what’s going on. Further, the reaction of Dr. Octopus telling his kids that his name is hilarious is proof of Marvel finally admitting that some of its villain names sound dumb. 

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 reveals Spider-Man’s mission

According to Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2, Doctor Strange finds Peter responsible for the spell going wrong. And thus, he gives a mission to Spider-Man to catch the villains who have entered the universe. The belief also strands on the assumption that Doctor Strange is the one who offers Spider-Man the new suit to help him catch the villains back. Also, there have been a lot of rumors going around that Spider-Man will use his new suit to catch the villains inside a mystical prison.

J. Jonah Jameson returns in Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 reveals the unexpected re-entry of J. Jonah Jameson to Marvel movies. The trailer showcases J. Jonah Jameson staring up at the effects-filled sky. 

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 reveals it to be another Marvel movie

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 reveals that Spiderman enemies are set to die like every other Marvel superhero movie. Thus, like every superhero movie, Spider-Man No Way Home also ends with Spider-Man ending all the villains that have entered the universe. 

Spider-Man No Way Home Embarks the end of Peter and Doctor Strange Relationship

Well, the comics had already made it clear that Dr. Strange and Peter’s relationship will end with Spider-Man No Way Home. The reason behind this is deemed to be Doctor Strange will to let the villains return to their deemed futures. However, Spider-Man disagrees with it, raising a conflict between the two. 

The MCU’S Electro Shows a Big Improvement

The look of MCU’S Electro in Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 shows a significant improvement from The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s poor looks. Flaring electricity around his face, this version of Electro is similar to the Marvel comic book character. 

Goblin will re-target Spider-Man in Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 shows the return of Goblin and him retargeting Peter. Also, unlike other Marvel villains, Goblin doesn’t hesitate in harming Peter’s closed ones. One of the most brutal and scariest villains brought back through the multiverse, Green Goblin encourages all the villains to fight as a team against Spiderman. Naming the team “the Sinister Six,” the Green Goblin looks all set to avenge Spider-Man.

Sandman & The Lizard are to be a part of Spider-Man No Way Home

The Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer 2 showcases an incredible shot of Sandman and the Lizard attacking Peter.  Further, as the movie shows several villains teaming up, Sandman’s presence will make things more interesting. Don’t forget that Sandman is one of the villains that remains undefeated by Spider-0Man in the previous Marvel movies.

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