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Getting annoyed by the so-called teachers (and other advanced dancers) while teaching and one thing that many people struggle with is how to spin?

And the worst is that we haven’t ever been taught about this.

But in this post, we are just simply going to tell you some tips that will hopefully help you in both turning and spinning better as you dance.

Difference between a spin & turn

A turn is stepping as you rotate and on the other hand, the spin should be on one foot and can be free spin or aided by the leader.

NOTE: A proper frame and posture would be some of the key elements of becoming a better dancer. Thus, the lack of having a good frame (straight back, soft knees) in end will cause you unbalancing.


Spotting is essential to learning especially If get dizzy. It’s all about practicing the process of delaying the rotation of the head. In country dance this step could prove very vital.

Here are some advantages to it:

It keeps the dancer oriented and aware of the movement, direction, and location of the body in space.

It prevents the lack of visual focus by increasing the overall speed of the rotation.

Apart from these tips, here are some additional tips that a dancer should know:

Always, start moving your shoulders first in the direction you’re spinning and try to keep them square.

Do Shoes Really Matter?

Do not practice spins with rubber-soled shoes, socks, or bare feet. You will ruin your knees and ankles. Use baby powder on sticky floors and make sure to wear dance shoes.

Be Relax

People often panic when they have to spin and try and go whooshing off really fast.  But at last, it is all about the practice.

Start with a single spin, and work up to multiple spins if you want. If you can do free spins yourself, it’s easier to then be led into aided multiple spins or turns. 

Want to learn visually?

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