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Over the past month, I've been involved with the illness and   Ultra Manifestation Reviewsubsequent passing of a person very close to me. It has caused me to have to really think about how I interact with people on this side who are dealing with death because my perspective is very different because of my personal experiences with continued spirits. For me, people either wear a red suit (or body) this time, and will likely wear a blue one (body) the next time, but that has nothing to do with their essence; their spirit. The spirit continues on, whether dressed or naked brilliant energy. It never turns off but instead it simply rests a while and then returns, or goes wherever, on its next assignment as it continues on its journey of learning. Hence the reason I used the term “continued spirits” as opposed to “crossed over.” I find it to be more accurate for what I've come to understand as the process.

About two months before his passing, it was apparent that my friend was having a hard time deciding whether or not he wanted to stay on this plane or not, as the back to back illnesses had been long and difficult. I had a discussion with him and let him know that I loved him, but that there were only two decisions in this matter that I could see. Either he needed to fight like a mad dog to live, or decide to go and we would then throw a great party. However this in-between namby pamby stuff would likely prove to be more of a nuisance than not, and so my suggestion was for him to make up his mind and do one thing or the other.  Well my clear thoughts on the matter didn't necessarily take hold, and as humans would have things, it got messy emotionally, and inconsistent and far more difficult for him than I would have wished. But of course, we have free will, and that was his and his wife's choice. So I rode out their denials, ebbs, flows, rises and falls on the emotional roller coaster that comes from being unclear about this matter, as so many are.



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