1. Addiction

Spiritualist priest

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Two highly intelligent castellan NPCs walk together, opposing each other, so that the smell of gunpowder between each other is very strong! The Demon Priest from the Demon Clan laughed sullenly and said, “The city of Castelos is really lucky.”. One visit and I'll upgrade your castle by two levels. However. The useless land will be captured by our Demons sooner or later. Is it? If, unfortunately, as you say, I am certainly not in this city, but with the army to wipe out the entire Demon clan. Wang Yu could not help laughing to himself, these intelligent NPCs are really interesting, like real people, even such a humane scolding can be made up. But Wang Yu didn't know. The reason why these two city lords have such a performance is precisely because of his presence in this scene. As a rule, there is no direct communication between highly intelligent NPCs, unless, in the process. There is a player's surveillance. The castellan of the two different camps are cold hum to each other, who also refuse to accept who. Just then, suddenly a beam of blue light fell from the sky and fell on the two castellan. Wang Yu was wondering when the sweet female voice of the system came to his ears: Dear Angel Clan player and martial arts master, the Angel Clan camp you are in is negotiating with the Demon Clan of the hostile camp. Do you want to broadcast the negotiation process live? If you choose to watch, you need to pay a gold coin. Looking at the blue light, the two castellan had stopped their cynicism. Wang Yu quickly clicked No. Knowing that the blue light must be something that can record and transmit video materials, the two guys are acting according to the script in front of the driver. A quarrel between two bitter rivals. Very boring negotiations, nothing more than the balance of the nine races, no one dares to really launch a major war, small disputes will only weaken each other's strength, so that the other eight fishermen benefit. Wang Yu listens more is not the taste,Pallet rack supplier, the trouble, he always does not like this kind of long negotiation, cannot help cursing, this plot is which scriptwriter writes? That sucks! But let him go now, looking at the swordsmen and the three dogs of hell everywhere, Wang Yu calmed down again, and was regarded as a spy, that would be terrible. In any case, with the gradual deepening of negotiations and discussions between the two sides,Steel racking system, the mutually agreed venue for the decisive battle has also been chosen. As for the details of the decisive battle, we will have to wait for the next detailed discussion. Very easy to hear that the negotiations are finally coming to an end, is bored in the forum to fill the water Wang Yu immediately cheer up, originally just want to see the excitement, the result let him stuffy here for a long time to see the forum, Wang Yu heart is really very uncomfortable, more and more see that Castlevania Lord is not pleasing to the eye. He has to be taught a lesson, otherwise, there is really no place for this bad breath. Thinking so, Wang Yu seized an opportunity and quickly retreated from the corridor. As soon as he left the Council chamber, Wang Yu walked vigorously in the castellan's mansion and soon arrived at the inn, which was specially prepared for foreign dignitaries and officials. The front of the inn has been busy, a large group of militia NPC and novice players are cleaning up, from time to time some mice ran out of the inn, at this time, the novice players issued a cry of surprise, as if everyone shouted to fight the mice in the street, Cantilever Storage rack ,Pallet rack beams, the players who hit the mice were overjoyed, failed to hit, sighed, and began to clean up while waiting, presumably this hit It is also a simple task for the castellan mansion to encourage new people to upgrade. Wang Yu observed that there were many female players among these players, who could not help laughing. These MM, who were born afraid of rats and cockroaches, were extremely brave at this time, and did not know if they had really overcome their phobia of rats. After thinking about it, Wang Yu immediately sneaked into the ranks of rats, and the equipment on his body looked even more rubbish than the players who played rats, so naturally no one would pay attention to him. Not long after, a small group of swordsmen came over from the direction of the Council hall and said to the people who were still shooting mice, “That's all for today's task. Please go back immediately!”! Wang Yu grabbed one of the newcomers and asked, “Hello, brother, I just entered the game. Can I ask you what's going on with this task?”? You let me go back before I even started? What should I do? When the newcomer saw Wang Yu's dark equipment, he immediately thought that he had just entered the game yesterday, and it was so unique. He couldn't help feeling sorry for himself. He said to Wang Yu enthusiastically: It's all right. I heard my brother say that this task is a long-term task. As long as I take it, I can come to do this task at any time. The experience value is very good, and it's safer than going out of the city to fight monsters. Now you can stay here before CET-6. Day, here can be mixed to six? At the beginning, in order to rise to level six, Wang Yu walked out of the city for more than ten minutes to fight wolves. Now players can rise to level six by fighting mice in the castellan mansion. Unwilling to return unwilling, Wang Yu and the new people said thank you, deliberately dawdle to the back, until the new players are gone, seize an opportunity, a stealth, in the post house next to the hidden figure. Wang Yu firmly believes that the special envoy of the demon clan with wolf head and long horns will definitely stay here today. The details of the duel have not been agreed in today's negotiations, and will be discussed again tomorrow. This time, fate did not let Wang Yu wait, not long after, a large group of militia rolling red carpet rushed all the way, far away, honor guards and knights are slowly toward Wang Yu this line. The military song was loud and clear, and behind it was the restless barking of the three dogs in hell. Unfortunately, behind the post house of the angels was a huge statue of an archangel, which was eight stories high. At this time, the statue of an archangel suddenly emitted a fierce holy light, and the hands holding a shield and a sword were even brighter. The naked eye could not look directly at it. Whoo. The three dogs of hell sobbed, and the three dog heads moved to the statue of the archangel, and then they all hung down, not daring to move half a step forward. Regional suppression! Between the angel clan and the demon clan, is a direct confrontation between the two forces, which also leads to the attributes of the two clans, is mutually restrained, the arms of the two clans to each other's sphere of influence, first of all is the lucky value and morale to naturally reduce one, and then into each other's city, in the speed of movement and attack success rate to decline, not to mention, the suppression of morale will be more obvious,warehouse rack manufacturer, especially the higher the level of The greater the suppression, sometimes, it can even affect 30% of the player's combat power. omracking.com


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