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A well-known company called Spotify which hosts popular podcast programs such as JRE (an acronym for Joe Rogan Experience), has revealed a feature, which will enable listeners to listen to their favorite bits without needing any internet exclusively on Apple Watch. Spotify is one of the most pre-eminent audio platforms, and it has recently revealed that it will render the users to download all of their favorite bits such as podcasts, playlists, and albums exclusively on their Apple Watch device, and then they can listen to their favorite audios, music, and podcasts without needing an internet connection. Precedent to this, Apple Music, which is also a globally popular in-house music platform of Apple, released an offline feature for wearables so that people can listen to good music while traveling, running, etc. And, it is also quite essential to remark the fact that Spotify listened to users’ demands who have been looking for an offline listening feature on their Apple wearables since 2018. 

To stream the audio content in an offline way, users need to own a Spotify Premium subscription along with an Apple 3 or any other subsequent version of the wearable embedded with an operating system watchOS 6.0 or subsequent versions. However, as far as the operating system is concerned, it has been recommended that only watchOS 7.1 should be used for a seamless experience. However, users also have the option to easily upgrade their Spotify application with the latest updates and enjoy the new features. 

Easy Process to Use Spotify Offline Mode on Apple Watch 

First of all, you satisfy all the specifications for Spotify offline, including the new version of the wearable along with the new operating system. Next, you will need to follow two easy steps to access the features. The steps have been stated here for reference:

Take your Apple Watch device and launch the Spotify application. If the application is not already installed, take the help of Apple’s App Store and download and install the Spotify application. 

Now, proceed to go over to your favorite audio bits. For example, if it’s an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, head over there and look for the three dots option, which gives you a heap of alternatives you wish to perform with your favorite audio content. Now, click on the option “Download to Apple Watch.”

And that is just about it. Once the audio file has been downloaded, you can go ahead and listen to it even when you turn off the internet. It has a wide range of applications and is especially useful when we are going trekking or traveling to remote areas. Once you click on the “Download to Apple Watch” option, you can go on and periodically see the progress of the download and also the time left. Furthermore, once the download is over, there will be a green arrow in front of each audio file that you have downloaded, indicating that the file can listen in offline mode as well. In the offline mode, you just need a pair of headphones, and you can start listening to the downloaded audio file right away.

Furthermore, while using online mode, you can easily configure your Apple Watch wearable with Siri and then use the AI assistant to toggle between your favorite tracks, mark something as a favorite, increase or decrease the volume, and regulate the bass level of the song. 

As far as Spotify is concerned, the offline mode will be revealed to all the users in the forthcoming days. It has also been reported that the company also has plans to release it for the Android mode as well; however, no time frame has been given. 

Source  :-  https://mcafmee.com/spotify-introduces-offline-audio-listening-feature-on-apple-watch/


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