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Spotify the audio streaming and media service provider launched back in 2008 now has over 320 million monthly users. The exponential growth of the company in the last year has been fueled by the radical acquisition strategy that has made it the premier producer of podcasts. The pandemic has helped as well, and it seems that Spotify is all set to become the go-to platform for audio streaming in the upcoming years. The platform has understood the importance of the opportunities that are there for it, and Spotify is trying hard to make its user experience is as good as possible to lure more paid subscribers.

The latest feature that Spotify has introduced gives parental control to the music that the kids listen to. It is called Shared Playlists, and it gives parents the option to share playlists that they have created with their kids. The new feature for the Spotify Kids app gives kids access to the audio content that is approved for them. It seems that the platform is trying to give kids a safe place where they can click around to access stories and music without any fear of being exposed to content that is inappropriate for them. 

The feature gives parents the role of the main gatekeeper which means it is up to them to make the final call on the type of content that they wish their children to listen to. It will also provide parents an opportunity to share the favorite songs that they used to listen to growing up. The process ensures that the children live in a bubble where they can be trusted to access the platform without fear. 

If a parent wants to share a playlist, they have to get access to the PIN-protected area of the kid’s app. Once they have selected a playlist that they have created along with their children, the app will automatically inform which of the songs in the playlist are potentially explicit. They will be marked with an E, and the parents can remove them from the playlist with their Spotify app. Once the explicit songs are removed the playlist can be shared with the kids. Parents who are sharing music for the first time will see a pop-up that will ask them to confirm their decision. 

The Kids app was launched by Spotify in 2019. and it has been an important addition to the platform. The company has consistently worked on its new features since then, and expanded its reach. Now parents can even block tracks and check their kids’ listening history from their Spotify app. The latest Shared playlists feature is another addition that will make the platform safer for the children to access. The parents will probably love the new feature as it would help them protect their children from being exposed to potentially explicit content. 

Source :- https://a5setup.co.uk/spotify-kids-latest-shared-playlists-feature-is-an-important-addition-to-protect-children/


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