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Your yard is your own little piece of nature. You can style it however you want and create a space that is perfect for you. The best yard projects can completely transform the space and take it to the next level. Even if you are new to DIY projects, there are tons of easy jobs you can do in just a weekend—all you need is a little bit of vision, the right tools, and some spare time. Once you’ve settled on a project, you can start planning your trips to your favorite home improvement store and stock up on the supplies you need. From a greehouse to an outdoor art studio with its own batt insulation, here are four ideas for your next yard project.

Build Your Own Greenhouse

If you love gardening, why not take control of your environment with a greenhouse? A greenhouse allows you to create an ideal climate for your flowers and vegetables. Instead of sitting around and waiting for the weather to be warm enough, a greenhouse traps heat and keeps your garden warm, even in the cooler months. It’s the perfect addition to your yard. You can find greenhouse top covers for a more exposed setting or an entire closed-off greenhouse that features polycarbonate panels. With a greenhouse, you can grow all sorts of produce you might not have before.

Outdoor Art Studio

An outdoor art studio is more than just a shed—it’s a place where you can connect with nature while expressing your creativity. Turn your yard into a muse’s dream by building a self-standing art studio. You can find a home improvement store that sells sheds, or you can get the materials on your own. Either way, you still have the freedom to make it your own. Put flower beds on the windows, line the inside with insulation for those nightly creative sessions, or paint it any bright color you’d like. It will be the focal point of your yard and a place you spend plenty of time. As your studio will be subject to the elements, you should also keep some Flex Paste on hand to repair any cracks or leaks that might appear. You can also attach gutters and line them with Flex Paste for extra waterproofing.

Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds give your yard a gardening vibe and allow you to better organize and care for your plants. You’ll also feel a sense of pride when you see them full of colorful plants and flowers. Take a weekend and gather all the supplies you need: wood, planting soil, screws, and your design plans. Then, have fun creating the flower beds exactly how you want them. Make rows of them so you can walk up and down your garden or put them in a square for an open center area. Either way, be sure to install these raised flower beds in a sunny spot of your yard where you can enjoy them every day.

About Menards®

Founded in 1958 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Menards® has since grown to over 300 locations across the Midwest. They are known as a low price leader in the home improvement industry and can help you save big money on your next project. Menards® can help you prepare for your next DIY project with their Design-It Center, and their Project Calculator program can help predict the cost of your build. If you’re just finding your DIY way, get help from a high-quality customer service team. They can help you find what you need, answer questions about the merchandise, or even provide tips on how to plan your next project. From shelf brackets and stair treads to batt insulation and porch posts, Menards® carries the tools, supplies, and materials you need to take your projects to the next level.

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