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Title: “Sri Prema Sampuṭa: Enchanting Echoes of Divine Love”


In the mystical realm of devotion and divine poetry, “Sri Prema Sampuṭa” emerges as an exquisite offering, capturing the essence of enchanting love that transcends the mundane and delves into the divine. This poetic masterpiece, adorned with celestial verses, whispers the mellifluous tales of love and longing, notably encapsulated in a dialogue that reverberates with profound mysticism.

The Goddess and the Enchanting Allure:

The verses commence with a poetic inquiry, a celestial conversation addressing a divine feminine presence. “Are You Goddess Mohini whom the Vedas say came to enchant Lord Siva?” The inquiry echoes with a recognition of a mystical allure, a captivating beauty that transcends mortal comprehension. The moonlike face of the enchantress becomes the focal point, an embodiment of ethereal grace and celestial charm.

A Divine Dialogue Unfolds:

The verses continue with a poetic exchange that dances on the edges of mythology and mysticism. The query extends, asking the ethereal maiden whom she has come to enchant. The anticipation builds, and the atmosphere becomes pregnant with the enchanting potential of this celestial encounter.

“If Krsna glances at You from the corner of His eye, Kamadeva will certainly attack Him.” Here, the narrative introduces the divine dynamics of love, invoking the eternal lover, Lord Krishna. The mere suggestion of Krishna's gaze is portrayed as a catalyst for the divine play of love, drawing parallels with the cosmic deity of desire, Kamadeva.

“He will be enchanted by You, and You by Him. That will be a great wonder.” The anticipation reaches its crescendo as the verses foretell a divine wonder—a reciprocal enchantment between the Supreme Lord and the celestial maiden. The very thought of this cosmic exchange is painted as a marvel, a phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of mortal comprehension.

The Echoes of Divine Love:

In its entirety, “Sri Prema Sampuṭa” encapsulates the eternal dance of love between the divine and the devotee. The verses evoke a sense of wonder, inviting readers into the enchanting realm where the Supreme and the devotee become entwined in a dance of love and devotion. The celestial dialogue becomes an echo of the eternal romance that permeates the spiritual landscape.

The Mystical Beauty of Poetry:

Beyond its literal interpretation, “Sri Prema Sampuṭa” illustrates the mystical beauty inherent in divine poetry. The verses serve as a portal, transporting readers to a realm where words transcend their mundane meanings, becoming vessels for the conveyance of profound spiritual truths. The enchanting dialogue becomes a metaphor for the soul's yearning to be captivated by the divine, an exploration of the ineffable beauty that resides in the realm of the sacred.


“Sri Prema Sampuṭa” stands as a luminous testimony to the power of divine poetry in expressing the ineffable. Through its verses, the reader is invited into the ethereal realms where love is not merely an emotion but a cosmic force that binds the divine and the devotee in an eternal dance. The celestial dialogue becomes a song that resonates through the corridors of the heart, inviting all souls to be enchanted by the divine allure of eternal love.






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