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Stainless Steel Wire Rods – Manufacturing process and applications

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A wire rod is a hot rolled wire, which can vary in diameter, between 5.5 to 42 mm. It can be manufactured from various materials, depending on the requirements. Copper, Stainless steel, Carbon steel or Aluminum can be used to manufacture wire rods.


Timex Metals is a leading Stainless Steel wire rod manufacturer in India. Our Wire rods are of premium quality and excellent finish. We stringently evaluate the quality, durability, finish and various other parameters at each stage of production. We provide wires and wire rods which are extremely resistant to corrosion and high weldability.


Manufacturing process

Hot rolling billets on continuous rolling mills are used to produce wire rods. Shafts are used to remove it from heated metal. The shafts shape and compress the metal from all sides, transforming a thin, long cable from a single piece of metal.


Following rolling, the rod must be cooled. At the conclusion of the rolling mill, this wire is wound on a special winding to cool further. This process can be carried out in two ways: by air or through quick cooling. Air cooling happens naturally, as opposed to rapid cooling, which requires the use of special fans. Following cooling, the rod is ready to be stored.


Applications of Stainless steel wire rods

Stainless steel wire rods are used in a range of applications, including aviation, industrial, engineering, and reinforcing concrete constructions. Cold drawing, metal wiring, binding, fastener applications, and stainless steel wire mesh can all be done with HRAP wire rods.


Stainless steel wire is made primarily from stainless steel wire rods. Stainless steel wire is used to make downstream items such industrial fasteners, springs, medical and dental equipment, vehicle components, and welding electrodes.


We are also renowned as Stainless steel wire rod supplier and Stainless steel wire rod exporter, as we deliver our products to more than 60 cities nationally, and 30 countries internationally.


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