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But Ditans did not answer me, but suddenly said something else. I heard that your city is expanding, and there must be a shortage of labor. There are 1 million laborers in the temple of darkness. Do you need them? Damn it, Ditans, this is tempting me. If I want this batch of labor, I must kill the moon dye, even the demon must be silenced, who knows if the two of them will communicate with each other after such a long time together! Seeing that I had not responded for a long time, Ditans added, “My laborers are all highly skilled workers, and their ability level is definitely higher than that of the laborers in the outside market.”. I can rent them to you at a low price, which is much lower than the market price. As a token of friendship, I can offer you a bundle of rare gems, which I believe your magical city needs very much. This guy Ditans is asking me for more money, but I have to say I'm tempted. I really need labor, and high-grade gems are also what I need. But I don't have the money to buy a lot of gems, and labor, I don't think it's a good way to rent. “I will sell you 1 million highly skilled laborers and 300 million crystal coins, and their lives will have nothing to do with the Dark Temple.”. Gem mine, 100 million crystal coins, I sell you 1 ton of mixed gems, and it is finished. Am I mean enough? This guy is too tough! The price just offered may not be easy for ordinary people to understand, so it is easy to understand by another metaphor. The price of Ditans just now is almost the same as the feeling of buying a high-end sports car for 10000 yuan, which can basically be understood as a free gift. The actual value of those things should be followed by a zero. They have raised the price to this level, and there is nothing to bargain with. Smiled and held out his hand to him. Happy cooperation. The two little foxes at Isengard did not know that they had been sold. Happy cooperation. Ditans took two glasses of red liquid from the attendant in the back and handed one to me. After clinking glasses, we both drank the liquid at the same time. I turned away as usual, waved my back to Ditans,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, and left the underground palace smartly. Walk out of the temple with a calm look and leave the sight of the temple at a calm and normal speed. When I could no longer see the temple, I rushed into the forest, opened my mouth under a tree, and a mouthful of red liquid came out. Ditans, this guy drinks blood! It's disgusting! A mouthful of blood is super uncomfortable. Although I am not afraid of blood, I don't have the habit of drinking blood. Even if I was bitten by Weina, a vampire, I don't have the impulse to suck blood. Maybe the blood in my body is too complicated to be affected by the blood of vampires. After I vomited, I took out my water bag and rinsed my mouth with saliva. After I vomited again, I dared to drink water. Fortunately, there is a diet system now, so I brought water with me, otherwise I would be in trouble! Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly found something wrong, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and the tree behind him made a strange sound. But when I looked back, I didn't see anything. As soon as I turned around to leave, there was a sudden bang behind me. The big tree that I had just vomited blood rose from the ground. What was more terrible was that this guy actually opened a pair of blood-red eyes. I quickly stepped back with the shadow of the night, but the tree actually pulled out its roots from the ground and stood up. Shuji? “It doesn't seem to be Shusi,” said the Phantom at once! Look at those eyes. They should be dark creatures. Since it is a dark creature, you need to ask Ling, and quickly summon Ling out and pull her back while letting her see what it is. Ling only took one look and said, “This is not a dark creature. It looks like an ordinary tree that has been demonized.” “Enchanted?” I immediately realized something. Damn guy, trying to hurt me! There must be something wrong with the blood that Ditans gave me. Look, there is still some blood on the trunk of the demonized tree. I'm going to give it to Ling to study. Crash, the two and a half months behind flew out at the same time. After all, a big tree is a big tree, even if it is demonized, it is not a big deal. Two and a half months easily cut off the trunk of the tree. As soon as I shook off my hand, the head of the dragon tendon rope was accurately inserted into the section of wood with blood, and the section of wood was pulled up. The two half-moons that cut off the tree crossed each other in the air, and at the moment of crossing, the half-moon suddenly ignited a red flame. The half moon with the flame flew back again, and when it touched the tree again, the flame easily ignited the trunk. The enchanted tree quickly turned to ashes in the flames. See what this blood is? I handed the wood to Ling. Ling looked and sniffed closer. This is the Blood of Desire used to enchant paladins. When a paladin drinks it, he becomes a Dark Templar and is loyal to a particular person or organization depending on what is in the blood. All right, you Ditans, give me such a hand. Why is there nothing in my mouth for such a long time? Ling held out two fingers and said, “First, you have vampire blood. The way you digest blood is quite strange. This kind of blood configured for ordinary creatures is somewhat wrong. However, if you drink it in large quantities, it will still be demonized. It just needs a larger dose.”. The second is because of this. Ling pointed to the insignia of the Temple of Chaos and Order on my chest. This thing can prevent demonization? “This is the seal of God, and it's not a small thing to deal with things like poisonous wine.”. Although Vina is usually crazy, she is, after all, one of the strongest gods beyond light and darkness, and she is the most powerful except for the God of Origin. “The God of the Source?” Just like Mother Earth, there is also the heaven and earth worshipped by Taoism. In fact, the sky is a God, and the earth is also a God, but it never appears, so few people know. Isn't heaven and earth worshipped in the temple of Lord Polaris? He is supposed to be a God himself. Even the God he worships, how powerful do you think he is? It is said that gods like us, such as light, darkness and elements, are cultivated by all races. Before the Polaris King became a God, he was a human being. I used to be a devil, and Xiao Chun was an angel. It's all the same. But you can ask Mother Earth, she is not any race,Magnesium Sulphate price, if you have to say, she is the Protoss, the real God. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com


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