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Start using the bio-organic manure for your garden and terraces

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Cow dung is a natural fertilizer and is used as bio-organic manure. Cow dung has been used for centuries as a natural fertilizer and organic manure. The cow dung is typically collected from the ground where the cows have been grazing, but it can also be collected from various staples and dairies that shelter cattle for various products.

Some farmers use specially designed feces pads to collect cow dung in bulk quantities and then sell it to large scale units that produce essential organic products.

Now you can also buy cow dung online at a price like never before. Here we offer cow dung in various quantities and packaging options.  This is the best place to buy cow dung products. If you are willing to buy it in bulk, that can also be delivered to your doorstep.

Another product that is derived from the cow dung is the cow dung pots. They are an eco-friendly way to manage human waste. They are made by mixing cow dung with a little water and then forming the mixture in a wide and open space. Then these pots are dried in the sun to let them take the shape and the same is used for various purposes and occasions.

Cow dung pots are a traditional and sustainable way to run a fire-place. They are also eco-friendly, as the residual can be used again. In India, so far the cow dung pot has been a popular choice to use a fuel in the rural areas. However, over the last few years, with religious beliefs, other cow dung products are in demand.

The cow dung pot price varies depending on the cities and rural areas, subject to availability.

Most often than not, the farmers in our country almost certainly have cattle, which they use for various purposes in their farming activities.

With all this livestock, the waste created by them is also to be treated or consumed at a large scale. Keeping the environmental benefits in mind, most urban areas are now turning their heads towards the use of eco-friendly and non-chemical products, and use to bio-fertilizers in one of them.

Where to buy cow dung pot online?

Here at Holy Cow, we have catered various cow based products for you to use in your daily routine. Ranging all the way from your pooja needs to your garden, we have a specific product for you. Now you can check the cow dung pot price online on our website and order it in various quantities.

These pots are the best alternative for your home or kitchen garden as they are made from 100% organic cow dung mixed with the right amount of garden soil to make it last for years. Most of the pots used in an ordinary nursery or at home are made from plastic, which is a non-biodegradable substance and harms our environment if not disposed properly. However, the ones made from organic materials can easily be disposed anywhere without any environmental concern.

Cow dung pots are easy to use and aid the plant health with its porous properties. All you need to do is simply soak the pot in water for a minute or two and place the plant with little extra soil. If you are buying a small pot, the same can be used as it is to plant seeds for quick germination. Once the seeds are germinated, place the entire pot in a larger pot and use them for further propagation.

Buy cow dung online is a good option for those who are looking to buy cow dung in the purest form. Over the years people have observed the benefits of using cow dung as a fertilizer which increases the fertility of the soil and keeps the soil from blockages.



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