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When passing Gu Jingsheng's table, Zhang Xingyu accidentally tripped and adjusted his center of gravity without waiting for help. His eyes lingered on Gu Jingsheng and Xia Xiaoyun. His face showed his appreciation for the beauty. He grinned and said, “What do you call the two little sisters?” Gu Jingsheng looked at him with slightly upturned lips: “If Mr. Zhang didn't resign because of [Happy Board Game], you can consider installing a curtain on the glass beside the cash register. Although the wind can't blow, it will inevitably be exposed to the sun.” Zhang Xingyu didn't react for a moment, so he followed the conversation: “The income of this broken job is low, and the time is long. Of course, I quit long ago. Even if I don't quit, the manager's henchmen won't let us change the facilities in the shop at will..” Wait, you know me? Gu Jingsheng nodded gently, showing an impeccable social smile: “When we first meet, Mr. Zhang can call me Ye Cancan.” Zhang Xingyu: “..” This sentence with the previous exchange of positions, he may really believe that he and this “Ye Cancan” is the first time to meet. Except for a few players who can keep up with the train of thought, most of the bystanders are confused-Wei Jiashi is independent of the above two camps, single-handedly supporting the “although I don't understand why,plastic pallet price, I have long been accustomed to it” group. Chapter 64 Gu Jingsheng put his right hand against his chin: “The color of the right side of Mr. Zhang's clothes is lighter than that of the left side, but the skin color is darker than that of the left side. It is obvious that he has been exposed to the light from the right side for a long time. Then judging from the fact that the color difference between the left and right sides is not obvious, your workplace is located indoors. Then look at the trousers. Because of the light, the position of the trousers seam has faded from the waist to the trouser legs, and the So I keep standing for a long time. To sum up, you should be.. Cashier? Zhang Xingyu kept a frightened posture and did not move for a long time-he suspected that Gu Jingsheng's brain was connected to the wireless network,collapsible pallet box, as long as he scanned it with his eyes, he could search out his past experience. Tong Yongfang listened with a little interest: “Awesome, can you guess what I do, and this Mr. Du on the side?” Du Zhixuan's expression is a little stiff-he is not particularly interested in this “guess what I do” link. Gu Jingsheng's eyes stayed on Tong Yongfang's slightly white forehead and hands for a while, and combined with his strong physique and careless temperament, he speculated: “Mr. Tong should be responsible for maintaining the safety of a certain area, usually wearing hats and gloves.” Tong Yongfang laughed and patted his thigh: “You don't have to be so literary. You can just say security.” Gu Jingsheng: “As for Mr. Du, maybe I can call you Manager Du. Personally, I suggest that smoking is not a good habit. Secondhand smoke will endanger the health of people around you, especially when your child is not old enough.” Du Zhixuan smiled unnaturally: “Just a product manager.” Gu Jingsheng smiled and didn't say much-when Du Zhixuan opened his mouth, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible bulk containers, he could see that his upper and lower incisors were slightly black, there were burning marks on his front that had been burned by cigarette ash, his shirt was stained with white milk powder, the socks on his feet were black, but obviously not the same pair, the surface of the leather shoes was over-oiled, but the two sides were leaked. Judging from the clothes he usually wears, Du Zhixuan's economic situation is much better than Zhang Xingyu's. Considering his age and income, “manager” is a more appropriate title. Unlike the latter, he did not wear a diamond watch that did not match his temperament to show off his wealth-Gu Jingsheng felt that Zhang Xingyu's money came from the lottery pool of Happy Board Games-probably because of the rigor of the company's middle level, or because of family pressure, considering the milk powder stains on Du Zhixuan's clothes. Gu Jingsheng prefers the latter. Jane suddenly opened her mouth. Her voice was as cold as her appearance. “Why don't you mention Mr. Du's marriage? He's divorced.” Du Zhixuan's forehead suddenly floated blue veins. Gu Jingsheng shook his head and said lightly, “I think Miss Jane is wrong.” Jane's eyes stopped on Du Zhixuan for three seconds, and finally nodded slightly: “So that's it.”. ” Du Zhixuan suddenly opened his mouth, and the muscles on his face twitched: “No divorce-my wife died because of a car accident.” The self-service hall quieted down, and even the players who didn't pay much attention to this side at first realized the delicacy of the current atmosphere-such as Shang Min'e, who could not see Du Zhixuan's personal information, but could realize the silent PK between Gu Jingsheng and Jane's home. Shang Min'e stared longingly at Lin Qisen, who felt his companion's thirst for knowledge and began to write on the table-he did not dip in water, as to whether he could see what was written, it all depended on the understanding of the bystander. At first glance, Du Zhixuan's clothes look neat, but the details are badly taken care of. Judging from the milk powder and urine stains, he often needs to take care of young children. At this stage, if the couple divorces, the child is usually awarded to the mother. After Zhang Xingyu and Du Zhixuan, no one else came to the self-service hall. Jane's teammates were temporarily missing. Tong Yongfang had inquired about it, but the relationship between Jane and Wu was not close. They were more willing to do things in their own way than to cooperate with each other. Zhang Xingyu originally wanted to chat up the beautiful little sisters, but was hit by the other side's 360 degree mouth gun with the halo of analysis and reasoning. He was forced to attach a muddled debuff and could only leave silently. While reflecting on himself, he also adjusted the target of the strategy. After careful investigation, he finally chose the place to set up camp beside Ms. Huang Huan: “What do you call a beautiful little sister?” Huang Huan: “…” Gong Wanxin: “..” This is a circle of very magical combination, three people choose two, there are irreconcilable deep contradictions between each other. It was nearly eight o'clock in the evening, and the tin robot, which had been keeping its place in the background,plastic pallet suppliers, suddenly moved, removing the food from the buffet table and replacing it with a steaming new dish. Liu Ji: “Dinner is served now?” Wei Jiashi: “At this point, should it be a midnight snack?” Li Yiyang: “Is it a little early to have supper at eight o'clock?” 。 binpallet.com


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