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If you want to get the university and college offers you seek, just count on QW School. Today there are many online schools but with this staff, you will reach better results because this is the best online high school Ontario. Their students have success in getting university offers because they enjoy flexibility and choice that they need. Students are free to choose to study part time or full time with them. Besides, classes are small and flexible.

Each course they deliver is uniquely designed, so if you are a student and want to develop your skills, be sure you can achieve that at QW School. Note that all of the courses are added every week regularly. All you need to send this school your query to ensure whether that course is available or not. The instructors offer courses for different levels: 

  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11 
  • Grade 12

Enrollment Procedure for Virtual High School

  • Full Time Students

QW School has a small number of full time students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 and does maintain their OSRs as per Ministry of Education guidelines.

  • Part Time Students

Part time students are those that are enrolled in some day school and attend QW School for one or two courses. The timings for part time students are from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.  QW School had been approved to offer a wide variety of courses in English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities for Grade 9 to Grade 12 based on Ontario’s Ministry Guidelines. 

The Individual and the Economy (CIE3M)

If you are interested in the The Individual and the Economy (CIE3M) course examines the changing Canadian economy and helps students develop an understanding of their own role as economic agents. During this The Individual and the Economy (CIE3M) course students will apply economic models and concepts to assess the roles of the various stakeholders in the Canadian economy and analyze the interactions among them. Students will also have a chance to consider the economic behaviour of the individual as consumer, contributor, and citizen in a mixed economy and will apply economic inquiry, critical-thinking, and communication skills in order to make and defend informed economic decisions.

The Reasons to Choose QW School 

  • Each class offered by QW School is provided by highly experienced specialists
  • Teachers deliver innovative courses built on very effective methods and proven to be highly useful. 
  • All teachers, administrators, and guidance staff are extremely supportive in ensuring all students receive the best educational experience. 
  • Learners get the best assistance and support in order to excel academically. 
  • The instructors develop a feeling of self-worth through accomplishments, discipline and respect for oneself and others

QW School is one of the best online high school Ontario. The best part about QW School is that every student will notice a personal growth despite the short time. The skilled instructors make every possible effort to help each student develop in a unique way and become tomorrow’s specialists. Apply today and start your journey at high school. 

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