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Starting New Business as per Birth Chart

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Do you know the success of your business depends upon your birth chart? Whether you will taste success or face failure in business can be predicted through your horoscope! The main mantra of business success is that you land in the most suitable line of business as per birth chart. Only an astrologer may help you know which the most suitable line of business is for you. Starting a new business involves a large amount of resources, and the decision should be taken after much care. It is worthwhile to consult an astrologer for right business selection to avoid losses and failures later. If a person does business as per the placement of planets in the birth chart, there are huge chances of gaining success and prosperity.

How does Astrology help in the right selection of business?

In Vedic Astrology, every planet has its own signification and puts its impact as per its placement in various houses of the birth chart. The 7th and 10th houses are the houses of business, and the influence of the planets give inclination to the native as per their significations. For e.g., Sun may give interest in government and authoritative fields. It may produce an urge for manufacturing as well. Just like that, every planet has its own significance and affects the business line of the native with their respective depictions.

A good astrologer analyzes the janam kundli  to suggest the best suitable line to the native. It is not merely the planet, but the zodiac sign and the placement of the 10th lord in other houses or signs also affect the choice of business for a native. A good astrologer thoroughly checks the D-1, D-9, and D-10 charts to suggest the most suitable business line for the native.        

Can I do business as per Astrology?

The right selection of business comes later; first of all, the native has to be assured whether a business or job will be most beneficial for him. There is a need to analyze the 7th, 10th, and 6th house carefully to ascertain whether the native will do business or a job. It is important to know about this combination before starting any new business because if your horoscope indicates a job and you are investing your resources in business, then there are possibilities you will face failure later.

Sometimes, both the houses for a job or business are equally strong, and the native finds it difficult to decide. In such a situation, an astrologer can suggest which the best option for the native is. A strong sixth house may sometimes give huge earnings even better than those made through business.

It is important to analyze the quantum of wealth or Dhan yoga in kundli. If the houses of wealth i.e., the second house in birth chart and the 11th houses are making any connections with the 10th or 6th house, then the native earns either through business or job respectively.

Determining the choice of business or job is not an easy job. Several astrological factors need to be checked while deciding the selection of a business or a job for a native.   

When will I start my own business as per my horoscope?

The timing of starting a new business can also be determined through your horoscope. Until and unless the right dasha and transit of planets permit, one can’t start a new business. Also, it is important to see that none of the bad periods are in operation at the time of starting a new business. Like if a person is undergoing shani ashtam dhaiyya or it is about to start then probably your business decisions may turn wrong. Similarly, the dasha period of bad planets may cause such circumstances that the native has to undergo huge losses in business. The transit of Rahu and Saturn through the bad houses may also increase the chances of theft and deceit. Thus, one should take astrological consultation to know about the good and bad periods before initiating any new business project.

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Also, one should take care of good muhurta while starting anything new as the time period in which a task is done greatly influences that activity. Any task done during the auspicious muhurta brings good results and activities done during bad muhurta may not bring fruitful results.

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