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The real estate scenario in San Jose and the neighboring areas has been on the rise for some time. People have observed more than a 22 percent increase in price over the years. There is a lot of demand for home remodeling as mortgage rates are indeed reasonable.

A perfect home addition is a logical and cost-effective way to expand your living space. The advantages include creating a personalized place that matches your needs while also increasing the value of your property and its future saleability. A home addition relieves the burden of negotiating for a home that you will almost certainly have to upgrade anyway.

The following are some great home addition ideas for adding more square footage:

  1. Completion of your Basement

The simplest approach to enhancing your home's habitable square footage is to complete the basement. A basement is ideal for a modest apartment, and you can use it to generate rental revenue or to look after elderly relatives. Perhaps you'd like to add a home theatre or a game room as an extension to your living room.

  1. Conversion of Attached Garage

Consider changing your garage into surplus usable square footage if you can manage parking your cars elsewhere. Take the time to clean out the clutter, and you'll have a fantastic location for a makeshift home gym, a guest bedroom, a craft room, or an art studio.

Depending on your home's layout, you may be able to use the extra room to extend your kitchen. Include an island, a dining space, or a vaulted ceiling. You may consult remodeling services in San Jose by Goodman Home Remodeling, who have amazing ideas to add additional square footage. You can seek their best recommendations for your specific requirements. It would give you nearly 80% ROI on your home addition.


  1. Building a Room above the Garage

If the zoning permits, you might potentially turn your garage into a rental property or utilize it as guest quarters. Room extensions over the garage involve the use of generic materials. The new roof, vapor barriers to keep out automobile fumes, and fireproof drywall will cost more than a standard addition. Still, if you plan to make it a rental unit, you may do so. You may readily recoup your investment, increase the value of your property, and generate a steady revenue inflow.

  1. Adding a Second Story

House expansions with a second story might double your home's square footage. It also raises the value of your house when it comes to striking a commercial deal. Before you start a project of such magnitude, consult a reputable contractor like us to determine how much your home would be worth if you complete the addition.

  1. Adding a Second Story

You need to employ a top-notch construction and design team in California if this is your permanent residence in San Jose. You might wish to hire an architect as well. No need to look beyond! The professionals from Goodman Home Remodeling will do the job quite efficiently. We will make certain that the foundation and structure of your home are suitable for a second-story erection. We may need to add some extra support structures to the existing design.

  1. Converting the Porch into a Sun Room

Time spent on the front porch is one of the most pleasant things you can do. Why not convert your porch into a covered sunroom and enjoy it over time? Your porch must have heating facilities and should be accessible from within to get more interior square footage. The front porch will offer a unique architectural element to your property while also creating a warm and inviting ambiance. If it is the back porch, the covered space will provide a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature, the garden, and the exquisite seasonal changes.

  1. Finishing the Attic

A completed attic is a common thought for adding square footage to your home. Attics are adaptable rooms that can add significant useful space to your property. Consider an attic addition if you need a home office, a guest bedroom, a handicraft studio, or a space to conduct your work from home obligations.

Before you begin, double-check that your place satisfies the home remodeling requirements. It might be too expensive to go with this strategy if your home doesn't cater to at least a seven-foot ceiling and clear access to the stairwell. If your property fits these criteria, collaborate with your trusted local contractor like us to build a unique and useful addition.


There is nothing more satisfying than to make an impressive home addition to your existing property. These modern home addition ideas are based on extensive research and analysis and our innumerable client references. You can also utilize your home square footage by creating a surplus living room. If you say firmly, we can make a detailed survey of your property and suggest the needful to set your project in motion.




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