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There’s no denying that leather shoes help in adding a classic touch to anyone’s wardrobe out there. However, it should be perceived that leather shoes can indeed be very costly to attain – which means that you need to take good care of the same – to be able to let it last for a long time. 

Since you definitely want your leather shoes to always look them at their best, we are suggesting some straightforward ways through which you can do it. Having said that, we'll be sharing some crucial tricks on how you can remove wrinkles from leather shoes.

Tips & Tricks On Removing Wrinkles From Leather Shoes

You should remember that buying an expensive leather product not only means investing in it but also ensuring that it lasts for a very long time. 

The below-mentioned procedure will help you maintain a leather shoe and if you do need help in the maintenance of any leather furniture, be sure to get in touch with professional leather sofas cleaning services. 

  • Step One

Proceed to store away your leather shoes on a cedar shoe tree, especially when you’re not using or wearing them. The cedar shoe tree will be able to remove the pungent foot odour from the shoes along with any bad smell of leather. Moreover, you will be happy to know that this shoe tree will also be able to maintain the shape of your shoes as well. 

It's suggested that you keep your shoe on the shoe tree for at least two to three days, which will help the shoe to retain its shape and remove any foul smell. 

  • Step Two

Even after using a cedar shoe tree, if you happen to find wrinkles on your leather shoes, then it's recommended to use a hot iron over the leather surface. Ensure that the iron is not too hot; otherwise, it may ruin the overall surface of the leather. Make sure that you use a moderately hot iron for your task and use a damp cloth as the intermediary between the leather surface and the iron. 

The heat from the iron will be enough to shape the shoe. Once done, you can then proceed to keep your shoe on the cedar shoe tree for at least a week. 

  • Step Three

The entire procedure is not over because you'll also need to regularly moisten the creases using an oil that is leather friendly. Using such oil will ensure that the leather surface doesn't get dried up and thereby get damaged as a result. It will also help in giving a smooth surface for that matter. 

Remember to avoid using strong oils because they can quickly destroy the shoes.


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