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Stickers with 3D printing are a cost-effective, yet foolproof marketing tool. While you might argue that it’s an old-school marketing trick, stickers still remain undiscovered by many brands. And who doesn’t love stickers? This little tool holds an immense promotional power, as you can apply stickers to literally everything you own. Available in a variety of custom shapes, they leave a memorable and lasting impression on the consumer.

stickers created for Promotional use stand the test of time by subconsciously creating an impression in people’s minds. I must say, emerging businesses can lucratively dominate the world of advertisement with some fun stickers. They won’t weigh heavily on your budget, but surprisingly get the job done with successful results. And the best part? TwenT3 can customize your stickers to add in 3D lenticular prints for a catchy and attractive look. I guarantee you; everyone will be sticking them on anything and everything they own.

How Effective are Stickers for Marketing?

Representing your brand logo on a sticker can completely turn the tables in marketing. The versatility of stickers gives them a huge edge as they go beyond borders to represent your company. Allow me to provide you a deeper insight into how stickers come as efficient marketing power-tools.


Speak More with Less

Stickers build brand visibility by merchandising your company or club. So much can be packed onto a little label, including your brand name, logo and tagline. You can even mention special sales or upcoming promotional events to increase customer influx. With TwenT3’s lenticular stickers, you can convey the highlight of an information in a concise manner, so it won’t bore the customer, but keeps them hanging on to the 3D effect.

Boost Brand Image

It’s surprising how a sticker with 3D printed on it can become a symbol of your brand’s values. Stickers with logos are a surefire way to strengthen your brand image, increase traffic, empower your company’s story and reach a broader audience. TwenT3 has lenticular stickers with transitioning images which are impossible to go unnoticed. Such an innovative marketing trick is a potential way to imprint your brand’s image for a lasting and positive impression. The more they see it, the more they’ll recognize it; hence a definite way of gaining loyal followers.

Affordable and Permanent

For companies struggling with finance, I don’t see a better alternative to marketing than stickers. Isn’t it pointless spending dollars on billboards and brochures that no one even bothers to read? Stickers hold great promotional value at an economical price tag. While flyers and posters find their way to trash cans, it is highly probable that people will consider a sticker as a gift and stick it somewhere. Add in a bit more creativity with TwenT3 lenticular flipping images, and your brand stickers will be a sight for sore eyes!

Broadened Horizons

One of the biggest perks of using stickers in the marketing domain is getting free second-hand advertisement. People love to adorn water bottles, laptops, diaries, backpacks etc. with fascinating collections of stickers. And the lenticular stickers by TwenT3 with 3D effects, are my personal favourite. With fun designs that appeal to people, they endorse your brand logo wherever they go. Loyal customers also love to promote their own interests in a brand, so it’s basically peer-power that attracts newer consumers. Thus, it’s important to keep your stickers aesthetically pleasing so that customers who become brand ambassadors can communicate more about your company or an upcoming event.

Promote Creativity

Since the logo on a sticker is the first impression your brand leaves on a person, I believe it’s paramount to keep it eye-pleasing and interesting for global reach. Let your creative juices flow to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing sticker. They go a long way in nourishing that personal connection with your clients. TwenT3 specializes in stickers for promotional purposes, with a twist of lenticular prints for maintaining your brand’s uniqueness and individuality.

What’s So Special in a Lenticular Sticker?

While an ordinary sticker seems so fascinating, just imagine the outcome of a lenticular sticker. These multi-purposed 3D stickers have their own flair of originality. Extremely popular in keeping the audience hooked on, lenticular stickers boast an illusion effect in the image. This creates an eye-catching appearance as you pair up two images into one for more versatility.

TwenT3 features remarkable lenticular prints that will revolutionize your marketing strategies with stickers. Available in bulk amounts, these labels can represent you in the most charming and inspiring way to draw attention to your brand. Imagine having a sticker that shifts images at different angles- it would be so cool and attractive for kids and elders alike!

However, getting creative with stickers demands that you work with a creator who has experience, technology and skill. I wouldn’t suggest anyone other than TwenT3 for this purpose. They specialize in a wide variety of transition styles from zoom, layered 3D and animation, to 2-image flip and stereoscopic designs. Moreover, they make sure to use a firm and lasting adhesive for a top-class impression of your company. You can feel free to explore their sizes and designs for a better approach.

As markets flood with all kinds of advertisement tools, stickers help you stand out from the competition. In today’s busy world, no one has the time to read out lengthy pages of brochures and flyers. This is where these little labels come in handy; they say so much by simply conveying your brand name, logo, and what you stand for.

Stickers with your logo in 3D are an inspirational and long-term marketing tool. Whether it’s a tradeshow, expo or a grand opening, a sticker is a tactile way to say it all. And lenticular stickers simply steal the show! They ensure a higher engagement level by allowing your brand to personally communicate with each client. Seeing the same stickers on bikes, backpacks and laptops daily, imprints the brand logo in the consumer’s mind so they can identify and recognize your company. What better way to gain customers?


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