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Now that the drone market is gradually liberalized, the development prospects of the drone interference countermeasure industry are full of huge potential. Data shows that in recent years, the sales of drone jammer has grown rapidly, and the application places of UAV confrontation have gradually increased. The future of the drone-fighting industry is sustainable.

At present, UAV jammers mainly use radio detection and jamming signal technology to track, monitor and jam UAVs. The radar function mainly detects drones in radio conditions, at great distances. That is, UAVs using this technology consume a lot of power, and there may be blind spots in some areas, making it difficult to achieve ideal confrontation. Countermeasures against drones. In addition, using infrared technology, since it can take photos for evidence collection, it can also implement anti-drone measures, but it is greatly affected by the environment and visibility, and the distance of the drone cannot be measured. Using radio information technology, drones can be detected at a higher level, but with higher environmental requirements.
The above-mentioned drone signal jammer technologies have their own advantages in realizing functions. Although there are still some deficiencies in drone jammer device, it is conceivable that with the continuous development of future technology, it will further integrate the functions of UAV activities. According to regional characteristics and environmental factors, carry out comprehensive UAV defense and confrontation to ensure air defense effectiveness.

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