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To ensure the long life of your furnace, get it serviced and maintained on an annual basis with professional furnace repair in Huntington Beach or locally to you.

If you are constantly battling with your furnace and need furnace repair Huntington Beach, stop right now. The most important thing with a furnace is to get annual servicing. When you have a furnace installed it comes with a one-year warranty and thereafter you are on your own. A furnace can live for up to 20 years, but if it is not well looked after and maintained, it is going to start giving problems at some point. And this is when you start fighting with it. Listen to us and when your warranty expires, take out an annual service contract. This way before your furnace starts playing up, it is maintained and checked. Your service company will contact you each year and not the other way around. And you will have a furnace that lasts, is safe, and is cost-effective too.

Furnace service contracts

Before you need to contact a company for furnace repair services take matters into your own hands. If your warranty has expired, get hold of a furnace company in your town. Get hold of one who does furnaces and air conditioners and who has a good reputation around town too. Then, ask them when you should next have your units serviced and set up an appointment. Furnaces need servicing. They get dirty, the parts get old and all parts of a furnace needs to be maintained. Sometimes the parts need to be cleaned and fine-tuned, other times they need to be replaced. If you have your furnace serviced regularly, you avoid any type of breakdown. It is always worthwhile getting a contact. And while you pay each time your unit gets serviced, you pay far less than if your unit was to break down completely. Never mind the safety aspect.

How long should a furnace last?

Some people have furnaces in their homes that last a lifetime, literally, without ever giving a single problem. These people are lucky. It may depend on the brand of furnace, it could be because the furnace has been maintained annually and it could be luck. We go with the maintenance! We know that when furnaces are maintained, just like a car being serviced and maintained, they last better and they work so much better. Problems are fixed before they happen. And all of this means that safety is not an issue. A furnace that is not working well can be dangerous and it is worth having an annual service just for the safety aspect alone. A new furnace today will last about fifteen years, maybe more, but it does depend on brand, circumstances and more.

How often should I service a furnace?

Like an air conditioning unit, we say get an annual service. This way you never have to worry, you only let the service people in when they come. Furnace repairs Huntington Beach won’t be needed if you have an annual service and maintain your unit properly and professionally.


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