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Harassment to animals, unable to speak, is an act of cruelty. They, too, have the right to live without pain. To make their lives peaceful from humans’ interference, the Indian Government has made few wildlife sanctuaries. Gir National Park Safari Booking Online Here.

One famous is the Sasan Gir, which is also known as the sole home for the majestic Asiatic Lions. Other creatures that feel safe by staying in this region are Indian Jackal, Hyena, leopard, tigers, elephants, Sambar Deer and other reptiles, and the omnipotent birdlife. Many wildlife lovers come to explore the animals living here for decades and their interaction with nature every year.

Harassing Animals must be Punished

But animals are very much afraid of humans, as they feel unsafe in the hands of humans. Every year, many animals are killed to feed the nonvegetarian or do some experiments in medical laboratories. They are also killed to export the valuable parts to other countries for money.

Few incidents are happening in Gir National Park, where a group of men entered the protected zone to harass the animals for fun. They have obtained tickets from Gir online booking before entering the park. The forest department has caught them for harassing a lioness by luring a piece of flesh for bait. They harassed the feline for fun, for which the lioness made a desperate attempt to get the meat from them.

The incident was seized in the camera of the forest department and made a storm in the social media. They were immediately taken to the nearby police station and given severe punishment by the higher authorities. 

The best way to sight the lions in the first opt for Gir safari. For that, you have to purchase tickets from Gir Safari Booking before boarding any safari.

Prevention for Such Cruel Acts of Humans

  • First and foremost, education is the only way to teach people to love animals. This will provide knowledge and make you learn the importance of their existence on our planet. The seed of kindness is sown from childhood by parents, and this will later be seen in that child as he grows up, how he treats an animal.   



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