Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Walls of Templebrough Guide

The Rumors of Ledecestre and The Walls of Templebrough quests are the two major quests that come after the Bartering quest. In the Walls of Templebrough, players have to penetrate with Sigurd and Ubba Ragnarsson to locate the Queen Aethelswith (King Burgred’s Wife). As compared to the other two quests, The Rumors of Ledecestre and Bartering, the Walls of Templebrough is more interesting and packed with more action. While playing this quest, players have to remember a few major things in their minds. So here is the guide to complete The Walls of Templebrough quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Walls of Templebrough Walkthrough

After finishing the Bartering quest, you can choose to play The Walls of Templebrough quest, but if possible, choose the Rumors of Ledecestre quest first. After infiltrating the bathhouse and church with Ivarr, enter The Walls of Templebrough.

First, travel to the docks quickly. The docks are situated on the left side of Ledecestre. After arriving there, use the longship and move north towards the quest marker. Once you arrive at your destination, just leave the boat at the dock and jump off from it. You’ll find Sigurd inside the camp, just speak with him, and you’ll receive your next objective: Heading into Templebrough to find and abduct Queen Aethelswith.

Now walk towards the quest marker along with Sigurd and try Raven’s sight to find the exact location. Your destination is on the right side, and you can confirm it by looking in Raven’s sight. After you find the exact location, put a marker, and get by using the minimap.

Sigurd might even ask you if you’re ready to visit “a-Vikingr” together, so this hint could be your best possible way to get going. Once you reach the very edge of the Templebrough, call your crewmates using warhorn and move inside the swinging fray axes area.

Defeat some enemies and climb up on the right side using ladders. The ladders will lead you to the entrance of the keep. Now climb up the scaffold and move inside the barracks. Take down the enemies with Sigurd and move towards the stairs on the right.

Once you enter the room, a cutscene will start. Soon Eivor realizes that she isn’t the actual Aethelswith and is an imposter. Now quickly move out through barracks and reach the quest marker. Once you reach the river, jump into the tiny boat, and chase the original Aethelswith. After she jumps off the boat, you have to do the same, and there you have to take down a couple of enemies. Defeat all the enemies and tie Aethelswith and take her back to the boat. The distance from your boat to the quest marker is pretty short, and once you reach there, you have to interact with Ubba. After the cutscene, free some prisoners and travel back to Tamworth quickly for your next quest.


Just like every previous edition of Assassin’s Creed, the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has also added some incredible things that are making the quests interesting. In the Walls of Templebrough quest, players have to locate the imposter Aethelswith first, and then they have to run behind the real Aethelswith.

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