Custom Stamps: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Stamps Online

Paper works that need processing should always have an authorizing symbol on it. Without this authorizing symbol, the paperwork will lose its legitimacy and will be treated as a scrap of paper. Taking time out to sit and sign them individually might become a task. This is where stamps come in. Stamps make the process of authorizing paperwork easier and simpler.

Stamps make the process of legitimizing any paperwork much easier. Not to mention it is really difficult to maintain a particular signature if there is a bulk of paperwork. Using a stamp will not only take much less effort but also cut down the time taken. Just flip the paper and press the stamp.

Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps use ink made of pigment or dye and then are applied to a pattern or image that has been molded, carved, vulcanized, or laser engraved onto a sheet of rubber. Rubber stamps are used to denote special handling of documents or date incoming mail. In most countries, it is a common practice to rubber-stamp any formal documents like contracts. Rubber stamping is usually done over the signature to prove the added authenticity of the documents.

Rubber stamps can also be a great way to decorate stationeries and homemade cards. You can use paint, pigment inks to make a simple design, marked or layered design to make your pieces look more sophisticated. Cleaning the stamps and inks properly is very important.

Company Stamps

Stamps play an important role in companies. With self ink stamps companies can establish themselves as corporations and create a strong identity.

Company stamps cannot be used without proper signatures from the authorities of the company. 

These stamps can be used for:

  • Affirming the decisions of the company

  • Authorizing sales transactions

  • Confirming the accountability of the company

  • Authorizing agreement contracts

Logo Stamps

There are several ways to use customized logo stamps to brand your business. Logo stamps help to add a personal touch to your company’s promotional materials like packaging, business cards, or mails.

You can easily create custom unique logo stamps or use your customized artwork for your stamps. Custom logo stamps are unique and have thousands of applications.

Creating your stamps

You can easily create your custom stamp. Making stamps is easier than it feels. You can easily upload your signature designs. You can also choose from multiple sizes and fonts or even italicize the words to make it look more sophisticated.

The next step would be deciding if you want or text or design to be in the center or left or right. You also can choose and design your customized stamp with borders. And after you are done just submit and place your order.

The customized stamp has several creative possibilities that too in a budget. You can use these customized stamps for DIY projects, custom crafts, and packaging, logos, or branding your small business.

Round Stamp

Round stamps have been used by experts and authorities as they tend to look serious and noble. Round stamps have a huge effect on your success because of its charismatic appearance.

You can easily design your round stamps online and create a lasting impression. Upload your images and add around text your stamp is bound to stand out with this effect. You can also use templates and adapt them to your wishes to make your round stamp.


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