How To Improve The Appeal Of Your Candle Boxes

Why are so many people drifting towards candle boxes nowadays? Why are they designed in an immensely exciting way?Well, there are multiple reasons for making candle boxes as good as they look. People buy them because they can be a perfect gift; a few prefer them because of their elegant packing. Others use them because they are more than just a protective packaging but a fine box for transporting, storing, and shipping. 

Now, if someone wants to buy a beautiful candle box as a gift, of course, their top priority would be the quality of the box, and it should be economical as well. As a manufacturer of candle boxes, here are some insider details through which you can improve the appeal of your custom candle packaging. 

Make it reusable

There are some packaging which bestow themselves to reuse in many other ways, and candle boxes are one of them. If your candle box packaging is attractive enough, the customer will tend to buy your product, not for just candle but the packaging as well. They will use the boxes afterwards as a gift box, or to something or even just for decoration purpose. While designing candle boxes, you need to create it in a way that it should be reusable despite the way how your customer choose to reuse it. 

Take advantage of the colours

While designing candle boxes, make use of all the colours available for printing. Almost everyone is associated with freshness, and that alliance can help increase sales. Some people are attracted towards pastel shades with spring, helping them get through cold winter nights. The best approach would be to go colourful, but pitch on neutrals. Doing this, your bright packaging can work within a range of decors, making them as reusable as possible. 

Add details

Of course, the box is the most considered part of the packaging. However, it isn’t the only element. To stand out, add small details, such as ribbons or ornamental features. Such a tactic is very useful, especially in the holiday season; it inspires people to candles as a gift. At the same time, including small details will make your buyer feel like they are treating themselves even if they are buying candles for their use. The whole goal is to make your customer feel special. Everyone loves the feeling of being pampered, and thus such treating will boost your sales.  

Stick to Minimalism

One more technique to make candle boxes wholesale visually alluring is to make use of minimalism. If you want to attract a wide range of buyers, despite what their taste is, a minimalist approach will allow you to design a packaging that will work for the majority of buyers. Of course, the use of colours is a great way to make anything appealing; however, don’t go crazy with them. If you want to know how your client base reacts to colourful candle boxes, try doing it in a limited way with a shot packing run. Nevertheless, you can always offer multiple types of packaging based on the candle flavour, shape and colour. 

Create an Image

To improve your 2 piece candle boxes, take time to think about the brand image you wish to convey. Make your candle boxes in a way that they give a feeling of a personalized item and look handmake, consider artisanal and make hand-drawn elements. To provide a touch of luxury and high-end quality, keep your packaging simple and give it a classic shade like white, black, silver or gold. Depending on your image, choose the colour wisely so that it should reflect the essence of your brand. If you stick to a theme while showing some creativity, your candle box appeal will be unbeatable. 

Show Votive 

As there is an immense variety of candle boxes to choose from, showing some kind of votive is one of them. It is rapidly getting popular due to the decoration of various events. For such candles, votive candle boxes are prioritized by retailers and as well as manufacturers. Beautifully presented candle boxes on your shelf will definitely seek the attention of buyers. However, a touch of nice scent in the box will enchant its spell on customers. For such purpose, a clear plastic paper on top will preserve its scent. While conserving the scent, such boxes will also protect the candle from dust and dirt, and displaying the product in an elegant manner.  

Custom candle boxes are getting popular with every passing day, as they contribute a lot in the sales, plus they leave an enchanting impression on the buyer. Custom packaging is the gateway to improve your candle box packaging. As candle boxes are a luxury item, make them look as premium as possible. Remember your prime goal is to be attractive, which can only be achieved with an eye-catchy packaging.


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Written by Jeneva Jordan

I’ve been a writer for over 4 years almost entirely online for many notable business websites.

My educational background in media Studies, and IT. Currently I'm working for industry associated with Custom printing packaging & designing.


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