How to Search for Trends to Be the First in Your Business

The team of Signum.AI, an Artificial Intelligence project for market trends prediction, has gathered brief information on finding up-to-date new products that will be useful to investors and businesses.

An important note at first: not everyone needs to search for trends. Only those who are not afraid to be the first and are ready to receive super-profits should monitor the market and world of mouth. When you hear the word “trends,” do you feel the upcoming opportunity?

Trends are more than just fashion, this is what is in the air and what the whole world will soon be talking about. Timely knowledge and trend tracking provide undeniable competitive advantages:

  • You will catch a wave of trends, and perhaps even become at the origins of development.
  • Thanks to the knowledge, you anticipate the needs of customers and become closer to them.
  • Stand out, deliberately doing the opposite, when the others will repeat one after another.

But how to identify these trends in time? Here are some general tips:

General trends:

  • People from the regions are looking for trends in technology, fashion, science and publish their findings on this site.
  • The source talks about trends in the genres of culture, music, art, design, advertising, etc.


  • Signum.AI. Analyzes over 300,000 blogs, forums, portals and social media accounts to keep track of the emergence of new trends at the earliest stages.
  • Springwise. The resource tracks business ideas, drawing information from regions around the world.

Fashion and design:

  • WGSN. Here they will tell you what will be fashionable tomorrow, or maybe in a couple of years.
  • Canva. The design school blog introduces fashion trends in design.
  • Pinterest. The online service will show the visual content of people from all over the world.


  • Buzzsumo. It analyzes and issues popular articles, posts based on likes and sharing in social networks.
  • Buzzfeed. Broadcasts “hot” news, articles. A wealth of fascinating ideas.


What do you think?

Written by Signum AI

We constantly analyze over 300,000 blogs, forums, portals and social media accounts to keep track of the emergence of new trends at the earliest stages.

With the help of predictive analytics tools and a strong team of analysts, we can determine the current and future trends.

Popular products and services
Selection of new products and services whose demand is rapidly increasing.
Growing markets
Information on new fast-growing markets.
Promising companies
List of the most talked about and promising companies.
The latest fashions and styles
The latest fashions and styles gaining popularity in an online environment.


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