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Custom popcorn boxes. We have state-of-the-art warehouses, packaging and manufacturing plants in London where we pack popcorn. Custom popcorn boxes are ideal for bars and shops, but also for parties, events and festivals. The popcorn box is also ideal for supermarkets and take-out stores because the biodegradable materials are suitable for direct contact with food. Resistant to grease and ecological.Wholesale popcorn boxes have become a necessity of an age.

Custom Popcorn Boxes are available in many sizes at CustomBoxesWorldUK.  It is also printed on great plans to gain customer consideration. They are also decorated with magnificent images of the highest quality. It is not difficult to get it in individual or different colors. It can be decorated with lines and patterns. Custom popcorn box assembly is an essential part of a brand evaluation. Popcorn is made in a variety of flavors and for all flavors. We can provide you with a custom popcorn container. We can also print pictures on the box related to the flavor of the popcorn.

Looking for perfectly printed popcorn boxes?

If so, then with The Packaging Boxes, you've made bulk popcorn boxes that won't overload your wallet too much. We have a variety of custom popcorn packaging boxes to choose from and we can print any information you may need on them.

We can make popcorn boxes in a variety of cardboard shapes and styles, and we have a variety of paper options to choose from, including eco-friendly cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes, and corrugated boxes. We offer several free add-ons to enhance the aesthetics of your popcorn boxes. Contact The Packaging Boxes for a free estimate.

Popcorn Packaging :

We offers popcorn boxes at an affordable price. People love to have popcorn with cool colors and printed cartons. We can offer you such boxes that will definitely make your popcorn tempting.

Wholesale Popcorn Boxes :

We offer popcorn containers at wholesale prices. Our price range will be the same for small and large orders. We assure you that each wholesale box is made of premium materials. We use environmentally friendly materials to make these packing boxes. If you want to greatly increase your popcorn sales, you must buy our packing boxes. We never ignore the quality of materials, so each material is strictly checked before use. Our wholesale packaging will not be damaged by moisture, dust or dirt. It also protects popcorn from several factors.

Free Printing :

We offer free printing on all popcorn packages. We have a professional group that offers various printing alternatives for assembling popcorn boxes. We ensure that each box is well designed and printed as mentioned in your details. Our competent group will verify that all containers are effectively printed. Customers can provide us with their printing details so that we can give them a high-quality box containing their decision. Also, the shades and inks we use are not harmful in any way. We use high quality inks and shades that will not affect the collection.

Free Design Reviews :

For the convenience of our clients, CustomBoxesWorldUK offer free design services. We can design the pictures you want to print on the popcorn packaging boxes. If you need to put your brand logo, please send us your logo. If you don't have a logo, don't worry! All you have to do is request a logo design and our designers will create one for your brand.

We will print your logo on your popcorn containers so your customers can easily see it. Every week our stylists add new designs to the gallery. Our clients can choose any design from our gallery, as they are all unique and beautiful. If you still can't find an option, please let us know what you are looking for! Our skilled designers create one for your popcorn boxes. We can make many changes until the customer is satisfied. We offer free designs and revisions to the satisfaction of our customers. You will receive your popcorn packaging boxes in just one week.


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