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For decades, list building and affiliate marketing have been the best ways  to make great money online. But if you want to get great results yourself, you need to follow someone who’s a proven expert.

Glynn Kosky is a super affiliate making well over 6 figures in commissions  every year and he’s a Clickbank Platinum vendor. Nutshell? If you want to make money online, do what he does.

And this all-in-one software automates that he introduce to use for starting effortlessly list building and commission generation. You can get 14 DFY funnels, premium lead-magnets, hand-picked offers, traffic,  training and epic support. All is included is this system, I experienced it and proudly give it a score of 5/5.

So to know more about this product, please keep reading my Passive Profit Funnels Review.

What is Passive Profit Funnels?

Passive Profit Funnels is a cloud based web app that has two very important elements that are going to make it easier than ever for ANYONE to generate unlimited leads, sales and commissions.

Passive Profit Funnels is an all-inclusive system for building subscriber lists and making affiliate commissions in a wide range of niches. It comes loaded with a cloud-based software, Done-For-You funnels, a database of stunning landing pages and premium lead magnets, plus step-by-step training that’s simple to follow.

Select one of the pre-made DONE FOR YOU funnels or create your own from scratch. The cloud based app includes a variety of landing pages and lead magnets. Select one of the lead magnets from our huge database, link it to one of the landing pages and add your affiliate link of any affiliate product.

This method and software have been developed by an actual super affiliate who’s using these EXACT methods himself. There’s absolutely zero fluff or untested theory. And, every element inside has been EXTENSIVELY tested and optimized with real world campaigns, to get you the best possible results.

The Money Pages are what really sets Passive Profit Funnels apart from any other funnel builder on the market.

These Money Pages allow you to sell products and services with buy buttons, giveaway free products, offer coupons or discounts, display adverts, generate revenue through Google Adsense and a whole host of other ways to generate income.

They are like mini one-page sites and are perfect for experienced marketers and stone cold newbies who want to either sell singular products, affiliate products or simply give something away for free. So instead of just giving the visitor the results of the sale page, you have the chance to monetize the visitor immediately.

Now You Can Bank Commissions & Build Your List At The Same Time From Inside ONE Simple Platform!

  • Automated Funnel Making Software INCLUDED
  • Wide Range Of Premium Lead Magnets INCLUDED
  • 14 DFY Lead & Commission Funnels INCLUDED
  • High Paying, Top-Converting Affiliate Offers INCLUDED
  • Unlimited Hosting For ALL Your Funnel Pages INCLUDED
  • Free Traffic Methods & EPIC Over The Shoulder Training INCLUDED

The included Money Pages inside the software are 100% Done-For-You and highly customisable. I’ll show you more the details in the next parts of this Passive Profit Funnels Review!


  • Passive Profit Funnels is a plug & play software for game changing commissions, RECURRING income and a constantly growing email list
  • Zero guesswork with multiple fully automated, DFY funnels that build your list AND generate commissions
  • Infinitely scalable: make custom funnels with the database of premium lead magnets and landing pages
  • Zero overhead costs: software, templates, products & HOSTING all included
  • Diversify your income & minimize risk with funnels covering a wide range of in-demand niches
  • Plug & Play Simple: DFY funnels ready straight out of the box to make you commissions and build your list AT THE SAME TIME!
  • Passive Profit Funnels is Beginner friendly with the firepower to help even advanced marketers scale
  • Bank From MULTIPLE Sources: you’re auto-approved for all 14 top-converting offers inside
  • HUGE Commissions And Recurring Income Potential: many of the affiliate offers pay $100s per sale PLUS monthly payouts
  • Save $1000s On Page Builders & Hosting: They supply hosting for your pages
  • Completely Beginner Friendly: With Passive Profit Funnels, No previous skills or experience needed, an internet connection is all you need
  • Free Traffic Methods Included: You get their tested & proven FREE traffic strategies that work perfectly with this system
  • INFINITELY Scalable: Use the separate app to create & customize your own 2-page mini funnels


  • Seamless Integration With The Tools You Already Use: Passive Profit Funnels integrates with ANY autoresponder, quickly and easily. Effortlessly add new leads to as many different lists as you want
  • Multiple Income Streams: Multiple offers in a range of niches give you the power of MULTIPLE income sources. This is huge for maximizing long term results and minimizing risk. Something most affiliate systems never account for.
  • Built On Proven Results: There’s no fluff, BS or untested theory inside. Passive Profit Funnels is built based on my results as a top-earning affiliate marketer and Clickbank Platinum Vendor. You get the benefits of a system that is PROVEN, combined with software that automates 99% of the process.
  • Much Less Competition: No matter what anyone else says, affiliate marketing is competitive. Most methods make this even worse, by having you promote ultra-competitive products being pushed by marketers with YEARS of experience and massive lists. With Passive Profit Funnels, the evergreen products in your DFY funnels are out of their “launch phase”, so very few marketers are actively promoting them … Making it easier for YOU to succeed.
  • Legit Scaling Built In: On TOP of the multiple DFY funnels that rapidly kickstart your list and commissions. You get their standalone funnel creation app, to quickly create CUSTOM funnels promoting any offer you want. So you could even offer higher-end products for BIGGER commissions, to a constantly growing list of subscribers.
  • Proven To Convert Assets: Each of the included landing pages have been tested & optimized to maximize conversions. And they split-tested HUNDREDS of different affiliate offers before selecting the top-performers. You’re getting a system fine-tuned from real world testing to maximize your profits.
  • Epic They’ll Force You To Succeed If You Let them Training: They take your success extremely seriously. It shows in the system and custom software. But it REALLY comes across in the training you get. MORE than just how to use the DFY funnels and software. But also how to maximize your results from every campaign.

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