Running Knee Pain – A Runner's Story

I began running seriously at age 40. My first “running injury”  Cerisea Medica Plus Review was a bad case of runner's knee. I was getting ready to run a half-marathon in the spring and I just began training in the winter. That in itself was a mistake.I had run no more than 3 or 4 miles at a time up until that late December day when I decided to have my wife drive me 10 miles from my house and drop me off. I know now how foolish that was. She dropped me off in the country and drove back home.

I was fine until about mile 4 when I felt some pain my right knee. It was not too bad; just a twinge at that time. But in just a half mile more, I knew I was in trouble. I continued on as the knee pain became more and more intense. But after mile 5, I had to stop and walk. Of course, as is common with runner's knee, the pain stopped as I walked. After walking 100 yards are so, I took off running again. The pain returned in my knee more intense than every after running just a few steps


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Written by Hadriel Sam


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