Spectrum TV Entertainment: The Best TV Shows to Watch during Quarantine

Amid coronavirus, we are left with few options for keeping ourselves entertained. The virus that fundamentally changed our daily lives has also changed how people in America consume entertainment. Before, the outbreak mostly people depended upon Netflix to watch their favorite shows. But since, we have plenty of time to resume old school formulas of entertainment, Spectrum TV channels have come out to be a major preference.

The coronavirus globally has decided not to take the slow path. Even in the United States, major states are facing complete lockdown. This lockdown resulted in complete isolation from the outside world, loss of routine, and an increase in stress and anxiety.

Of course, there is no substitute for going outside, spending time with your friends, and continuing your life without any fear, household entertainments are no lesser fun option. Spectrum TV has come out to be a great source of fun for those looking for affordable entertainment.

With a long list of channels, Spectrum TV offers Spectrum TV Select channels, which is one of the affordable packages for those who want entertainment at cheaper rates via TV.

So here are some of the top-rated entertaining shows on Spectrum TV channels can make your quarantine a fun experience:

For Adults

If you are in your twenties or beyond, your go-to place for streaming TV shows is Netflix. And rightly so, Netflix has managed to grab the attention of a younger audience with its amazing TV shows and movies. But since you are in lockdown and have plenty of time to experiment with things such as a TV channel, we would suggest you give a try to the following shows:

HGTV – Love It or Lose It, Property Brother and Holy Jewel House of Hunters

Since we were introduced to Netflix, we hardly had time to watch anything on television. Whatever might interest us we would find its substitute online. But programs like Love It or Lost It, Property Brothers, and Holy Jewel House of Hunters are too fun to ignore on television.

HGTV has introduced us to some of the coolest TV programs that allow us to practice our judgmental skills by virtually visiting stranger's homes. Since we cannot actually step outside our home, it is just too much fun to sit on your couch and have virtual visits to other’s houses.

For Senior Citizens and Family

 TV Land – The Golden Girls

One of the most affected groups of people due to coronavirus outbreak are old people. Not only are they recommended to look after their health strictly but also are strictly confined in their homes. In such times, it is hard for them to keep their mind off from stressful and negative thoughts.

Also unlike their young grandchildren, they are not as tech-savvy as the entertainment industry, like Netflix, expects them to be. So what they can do to keep themselves happy these quarantine days is switch into one of the best TV shows out there; The Golden Girls.

The Golden Girls is every grandmother's package of entrainment where the old yet young-at-heart girls spur jokes that leave people in tears.

The four women who live together in Miami keep everyone on the other end of the TV laughing with relatable comedy and striking comic timing.

HBO NOW- Curb Your Enthusiasm

Another classic TV show that can keep the whole family entertained.

If you happen to live with your grandmother or father or an old uncle/aunty you know how the way they rant can become super-hilarious.

If this source of wholesome entertainment is your thing that HBO Now streams the madly loved shows Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David presents stories that revolve around his daily nitpicks.

Trust us, you cannot ask for a better family entertaining show than this in today's time.


For Kids

If you have kids or are living in a household with kids, we feel your pain. With the loss of their routine, kids are going crazy these days. It is harder to explain to them why we all are stuck in our homes and what the global situation is instead of putting them in front of the television. We know it is not the healthiest option but if you let them have their screen time for some time you can relive your peace.

Cartoon Network – Apple & Onion

One of the cutest and light-hearted cartoon shows, Apple & Onion is something you might also enjoy watching with your kids. An Apple named Apple and a scallion named Onion become roommates in a big city. And from there they meet other characters of the show to spur some innocent comedy for the kids.


TV channels are one of the most affordable sources of entertainment these days. With the shows named above, you can have a good quarantine time with the help of TV channel services on your TV set.


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