The tenth generation Accord Star Limited Edition, the appearance is very charming

GAC Honda launched another surprise work of the Accord (ACCORD) brand-the tenth generation of Accord (ACCORD) Star Limited Edition. The new car has been launched on the market in two versions: the luxury star limited edition of the SPORT TURBO series and the Ruizhi star limited edition of the SPORT HYBRID series. A total of 10,000 units are sold.

The tenth-generation Accord (ACCORD) not only adds “Star Blue” high-quality car color, the front face is more matched with the exclusive decoration of the electroplated black front grille, which highlights the sporty personality.

In addition, the Ruizhi·Xingkong Limited Edition is also specially matched with 18-inch shiny black wheels, supplemented by clean side design and dynamic slip-back lines, creating a very sporty visual beauty.

With the upgrading of consumption quality, users pay more attention to the health and safety of the car. The tenth generation of ACCORD star limited edition adds a plasma air purifier. This system uses the principle of plasma to effectively remove odors and bacteria in the car, and block harmful substances such as PM2.5 particles to satisfy consumers' health concerns Demand.

In addition, the tenth generation of ACCORD (ACCORD) Ruizhi·Star Limited Edition also adds a luggage induction opening function, making it easier to load items.

The tenth generation of Accord (ACCORD) Star Limited Edition also has many bonus points. It adheres to Honda's MM design concept. Its generous seating space provides a full range of comfortable riding experience; it is equipped with the Honda SENSING safety driving assistance system that is highly praised by users , Equipped with MVC 360° panoramic image display system, CTM rear view dynamic reminder system, etc., to provide multi-faceted safety protection for drivers and passengers.

The arrival of the Star Limited Edition, while realizing the new value empowerment of the Accord brand, has also further consolidated and strengthened Accord's benchmark position in the mid-to-high-end sedan market.

Compared with Honda Accord 2019, are you interested in this Accord Star?

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