Top 4 Margot Robbie style inspirations for this year’s Halloween!

Top 4 Margot Robbie style inspirations for this year’s Halloween! One of the highly-streamed movies of all time, Suicide Squad, is still a banger when it comes to analyzing Margot’s acting as Harley Quinn. The film is filled with action, a captivating storyline, DC’s superheroes (of course), and breath-taking outfits.

And now that the second part already on its way, you need to watch Suicide Squad right now, if you still haven’t steamed it, as you might not know what’s been missing this whole time!

Margot surprised everyone by painting herself deeply in Harley’s role. From being a badass to feeling for the others to delivering humorous dialogues while keeping her fashion taste up-to-date, you just can’t miss it.

The afore-mentioned Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Red Jacket is from the scenes where she walks with her prison gang. It’s Manufactured with satin fabric in an alluring contrast of red and blue with extravagant details that includes the ‘Property of Joker’ embroidered logo at the back. Now imagine yourself in this relishing jacket and showing up at one of the Halloween parties as Harley Quinn. You can even wear it with shorts just like Robbie did it in the movie or even go with your own style; it’s up to you. However, for more fun, don’t forget to add her baseball bat to your costume too!

1). Birds of Prey Costume

Now that we’re talking about Harley Quin, it’s evident that most people would show up as her from the first Suicide Squad movie, which is why you need to look at the other options. For instance, the latest movie, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, is all about Harley’s withdrawal from Joker, changing her past habits, and becoming a different person, but one thing that remains constant is her irresistible fashion taste and thrilling costumes.×600.jpg

The character’s Birds of Prey costume from the movie is enriched with details and features that are perfect for a Halloween party. Harley Quinn Wings Jacket consists of a Transparent PVC material exterior with confetti sleeves, light pink tank top underneath, and all these paired up with the attractive ripped-jeans shorts. How can anyone sleep on this? Well, you definitely cannot! Thus, wear this look at the upcoming Halloween parties and do add similar details like the round silver neck chain, tattooed thighs, same hairstyle, and the same charismatic aura as the character!

2). Margot Robbie Birds of Prey Blazer

We all know how and why you can never go wrong with a blazer, mostly when it’s inspired by Margot Robbie’s compelling character Harley Quinn from the Birds of Prey movie.

Birds of Prey does have a different story from the Suicide squad. Still, the one thing that Margot kept the same was her character’s undying charismatic aura and appealing fashion apparel!×600.jpg

The movie has everything that you need to see; action, great storyline, characters, and the particular spotlight only on Harley.

As they say, when the girl drifts away from her toxic relationship, everything about her changes. Just like that, amid the movie, the actress exhibited multiple attractive costumes that check the box of Halloween and Cosplays. Since it’s the month of costume parties, you can’t go wrong by adding the Margot Robbie Birds of Prey Blazer in one of the Halloween costumes. It is designed with so many eye-catching details that can feasibly grab anyone’s attention from far. And when you will show up in a gathering dressed exactly like Harley, everything will go wild, and that’s guaranteed!

30). Harley Quinn Roller Derby Jacket

Last but not least, we’ve got the Harley Quinn Wings Jacket. Now you must have been thinking, why three styles from the same movie? The answer to that question is the Birds of Prey has it’s ultimate focus on Harley Quinn after she breaks up with Joker. Now that’s a remarkable change if we keep in mind her obsession with Joker in Suicide Squad. It’s like she reinvents herself after the split, gets involved with the other superheroes, and saves a young girl from an evil lord. We can see objections here regarding her change of heart, but Margot’s character does whatever she feels right.×750.jpg

Therefore, you can’t ignore her righteous style either! People have loved her each look, and for all the right reasons, this style can be yours on this year’s Halloween! The red and black colored roller derby jacket with Harley’s classic fish-net stockings, high-knees socks, roller skates, and the starry safety helmet-it’s definitely iconic and a remarkable fashion moment!

Found your favorite style?

So these were all the most sorted out top 4 Margot’s Robbie style inspirations that you can recreate on this year’s Halloween. Both Margot Robbie and her character, Harley Quinn, never fail to impress the audience through their appealing charm, charismatic aura, and multiple fashion moments. Thus, if you’ve liked any of the styles, then do let us know in the comments, and here’s an additional tip: while dressing up as Harley Quinn, don’t forget your own style, which perhaps can be much better than Harley’s even!


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Written by Sofia Jone


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