Top 5 Treks in Nepal for a Winter Escape: 2020/2021

It’s that lethargic time of the year when you want to sneak into thick layers of blankets all cocooned up chugging a mug of coffee binge-watching your favourite shows. For many people, this idea of mini hibernation in the winter is so tempting and I am not ashamed to confess I belong to this fraction of people.

Winter Treks In Nepal may sound a bizarre thing to do but it cannot be overlooked completely. Chaotic situations are hardly encountered when there is less crowd plus you do not need to haste to secure the best hotel rooms. Despite limited options, Nepal still offers various locations for the visitors to sweat it out in the winter.


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Written by Hawrry Bhattarai

I am a Freelance Travel Blogger, Enthusiast At Get2nepal In my leisure time I am at the multiplexes or a coffee shop. I love to share travel tips, guides in a witty & informal way more often. I inspire fellow travellers to go out to explore & make memories.


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