Top Cyber Risks That Your IT Organization Should Be Aware of

Every service organization in the IT sector is vulnerable to cyber-related risks that aim to violate the organization’s data, misusing them and causing harm to the organization’s reputation. Each day, risks are encountered while managing and delivering IT services.

Because of this, there is a significant need for effective quality management and risk management systems that will help to discover the threats and put preventive practices in place to ensure they are mitigated.

If wondering about how to choose and implement a quality management system in your IT service organization, a quality assurance services provider with professional consultants can easily assist. Because of their practical experience with different internationally-recognized ISO certifications, quality assurance services providers can help organizations achieve the certification they need.

Before starting the implementation process for an Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) system, which will improve quality and reduce the risks of your services, this article will explain the different risk aspects an ITSM will cover.

Unpatched Security Threats

These are the security vulnerabilities that arise when IT systems, software, or applications used by the organization are not updated regularly. Dismissing the updates when they are available has an impact on security in the long run because some new kinds of threats cannot be reliably blocked with the outdated security features. Therefore, there is an absolute need for the organization to follow a proper update schedule to ensure the software and IT systems are updated as soon as new security patches are released.

Poor System of Data Backup

With increased incidences of malware attacks or information leaks commonly occurring everywhere, organizations urgently need to have a proper data backup and recovery system. However, this is still not a top priority of many organizations because of the extra resources, efforts, and time needed. Organizations that seek to maintain a strict ITSM system and achieve ISO 20000 certification need to implement a multi-layered backup and data recovery system for all its database storage, disk, or drive, and cloud-based storage.

Malware Attacks

Malware attacks are very common cyber security threats in the IT service industry, however, a strict ISO 20000 certified ITSM system will help to mitigate them. New types of malware are being constantly created, and they can copy sensitive information and transmit it to a different server, where the creators can use the information for their own purpose or frauds. The key to protecting an organization from malware is the use of antivirus applications in every computer or IT system and initializing a multi-layered security system for high-end protection.

Irresponsible Credential Management

Another common threat that IT service organizations encounter in their everyday process is the lack of proper credential management. Use of single access details, like an user ID and password across different systems, sites, or applications, make it easy for hackers to get through all data at once. However, the solution to this is quite simple. A properly implemented ITSM will provide strict password controls to ensure that all sites and systems have unique passwords, multi-factor authentication, and frequent password updates.

Key Takeaway

An IT services organization needs an ITSM system to ensure the quality of their services, and that there are no risks in delivery and management. ISO 20000 is the most recognized standard for ITSM systems in the IT industry, therefore, achieving it with the assistance of a quality assurance services provider will help your organization address these security vulnerabilities.

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