Top Tips for Apartment Hunters in Dubai

When it comes to luxury residences, Dubai real estate has infinite options to offer. Not only can you explore countless communities that feature amazing amenities, but you can also find different rates for different luxuries across various areas of the city. Needless to say, all the areas of Dubai are great to live in. However, when you decide to move, there are a couple of important things that you need to make sure you consider:

Consider the Location:

Firstly, try to figure out which location will suit you the best. You need to relocate to a place that has accessibility and is in close proximity to everything that you’ll need to commute to on a daily basis. This means that you should consider the distance of your workplace, the availability of nearby grocery stores, and fitness centers to be prerequisites.

Be aware that a simply wrong decision will cost you a lot in terms of transportation. Therefore, it’s imperative that everything is close by. However, being so close to everything can also mean that the property you’re considering will have a lot of rent.

Consider the Amenities:

You can find everything near areas such as Dubai Marina, Dubai Internet City, etc. However, another thing you’ll find in these areas is high rents. That’s because these areas feature the most in-demand amenities and facilities. Although conveniences are basic requirements for any residence, you should try to filter out the basic necessities and distinguish them from the luxuries that you don’t need.

Consider the Space:

A lot of people don’t think about the fact that their lives can become boring and mundane if they continue living in the same place for a long time. This has proven to be a big problem for people who were confined in their residences throughout the lockdown period. People who were cooped up in 1-2-bedroom apartments realized that they needed more space to be able to survive without boredom.

Moreover, those who intend to move with their families definitely need to figure out the type of residence they need. The last thing you want to do is to move into a cozy apartment with your kids and regret the decision forever. Not only will your kids require more space, but the parents will need some space for themselves as well. So, try to go for additional rooms if you can.

Consider Your Budget:

The worst mistake you can make is to go all out with your rental place. This is something that a lot of people end up doing without thinking. You can’t live hand to mouth with no savings at all. Therefore, consider your monthly incomes and decide on the ideal rent accordingly. It’s important to note that many apartment buildings and communities have maintenance charges as well. They are not included in the rent outrightly. However, you’ll be accruing these charges on a monthly basis even if the rent you’re paying is annual.

Everybody wants a comfortable and luxurious life but only a few can afford it. That’s why you should make sure that you’re not going for something that is too fancy for you to keep affording. A wise decision would be to go to areas like Business Bay Dubai or Dubai South since they are not that populated and expensive. Try to decide on only what’s necessary first and then move on to better things when you can afford them.  


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