What are Various Aspects of Meth Testing?

The house's contamination levels were very high both in household products that were part of the house during cooking and in post-cooking products.

No rental property meth testing

In this country as in many other countries, the use of meth is popular. In properties they rent, people use methamphetamine and leave invisible traces which can cause serious health and financial problems. When these people move out of the house, they have left potential tenants dirty and potentially dangerous.

The next occupants will possibly not be aware of the contamination of methamphetamine until they, their kids, and pets get sick. And if they are ill, they cannot know what the cause is. Many state laws, if not all, do not need to be checked between tenants.

In the absence of testing, landlords shall not disclose meth uses or the output of the property unless they know that there is contamination above the permitted limit of the state.

Contamination affects not just the occupants of the unit in which the meth was used or the adjacent units are affected. Multi-family residential units may share air windings or have a gap between units to allow air to penetrate the polluted land. Air can enter through gaps in walls which are covered by fittings or electrical devices.


Purchase a Cheap Meth House 

Properties that are exposed as meth properties become normal. Landowners who discover meth contaminated properties tend to clean up, which can be very costly and drain physically and emotionally, quit the land at considerable cost or move it to someone else.

These assets are revealed frequently these days and sold to buyers and others looking for an attractive place to live at a low rate. The later should realize that they would never be able to survive in the property with small finances.

When do you have to have P Test checked in your house?

  • Meth Testing Pre-purchase – save on expensive maintenance or cleaning and get the property to be checked for buying by Meth if you believe that it could be used or generated at the property.
  • Home Owners – Do you suspect that Meth used your home before, or does anyone use Meth? Contact us today.
  • Landlords – P Lab testing your investment property before listing it if you believe it may contain traces of Meth.
  • Tenants – If you encounter unexplained diseases before renting a property or your tenancy.


In all sales at home, meth contamination or some other suspected defect should be made known, but it may be difficult to prove whether a seller knows that meth was used or manufactured on a property. In CO, if you find methamphetamine contamination in your house, you have three years to keep vendors responsible for all losses to their health and property, whether the seller was aware of the contamination.


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