What’s new for Mitsubishi Outlander 2021?

Is there anything interesting about its design?

Mitsubishi has a knack for effective cosmetic surgery, as demonstrated by ASX's intelligent vision transformation a decade ago. Australia's best-selling small SUV has been surgically removed twice and it's going on.

Conservative to the point of dullness, the third-generation outsider went to the streets for the first time in 2012, but now looks good thanks to some clever nose augmentation surgery five years ago.

The GSR, with its red diamond and black mica roof, stands out as a golden girl in a sportswear. Mitsubishi's mouth is outlined by its striking multi spoke black alloy and thick chrome plated fangs. It's hardly subtle, but it's different.

Here's a surprise: ASX, eclipse cross and outlander all share a wheelbase of 2670mm, which doesn't make much difference to the proportion of larger models like outlander, because it seems to be affected by too much mounting. Next year's full redesign and overhaul is unlikely to come soon.

What does the space inside like?

For a nearly decade of design, outlander's interior remains one of its most attractive aspects, in an old-fashioned functional way.

Although it is not particularly wide in length, it is not a trouble to get in and out, mainly because the seats are very high, because the door itself and the tail door cannot be opened to a large and high enough person.

There is enough space in the front, and there is a dashboard in front of it, which is outdated, but easy to see, very easy to operate and good to complete the startup. The ventilation is great, too. Piano black surround, suede style seat trim, stitched leather finishes on wheels and doors, and a large touch screen all add a bit of dynamism.

The front seats are also comfortable, and even on long trips, the driver's side has electric adjustment, including lumbar support. Of course, they will place their people on high ground so that they can have a good view of the outside.

However, we don't believe in the new multimedia system, which relies too much on lightweight touch screens instead of knobs and switches, such as volume. The dial is very clear, but where is the digital speedometer? Some small switchgears are scattered in remote places. There is only one USB-a port, behind a thin baffle under the center console, and it will definitely fall off over time. All of them betray the growing up years of the foreigners.

In the back, we found the usual goodies – overhead handles for all outboard passengers, horizontal face vents, central armrest with cup holders, properly sized bottle door boxes and two USB-a sockets, and the heavily colored windows almost all the way downwind, so that shorter people and animals can see the outside better. But while the cushions are comfortable (except for the hard-middle bench), the semi reclining back feels too short, although they do their work wisely.

Mitsubishi created a large truck like luggage space, reflected in a 463-liter capacity, extending to a useful 1602 liter, 60 / 40 split back fold forward. There's a high floor in the luggage area with a charging cable and a tire repair kit, so you can't find a spare tire underneath, but there's a 12-volt socket and two extra cup holders on the right wheel arch. They are for the seven-seat option without any outlander hybrid. Finally, although effective, the cargo blind appears to belong to the 1997 TF Magna truck. In fact, it's not a bad thing.


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