Why Wedding Cards Are Designed Using Gold or Silver Printing

People want to invite their friends and family members to their marriage ceremonies uniquely, so that they may please the invitees. For this purpose, appropriately designed invitations in wedding card boxes can beneficially serve. They can be very eye-catching for the recipients and leave a good impression on many people design wedding card boxes with gold or silver printing. Let us discuss why this type of printing has become popular among people.

Premium Look

People prefer to buy items that seem attractive and fascinating to them. Considering this fact, for marriage ceremony planners or wedding card boxes designers, gold printing can be a good business booster. It is because this type of printing can significantly give your custom wedding card boxes a premium look that grasps the attention of most of the people. Silver foiled boxes can also be used that are also known for their luxurious and elegant appearance.

Increase Visibility

Appropriate printing of the text is necessary if you want to increase its visibility for the viewers. You must not only focus on the size and style of the letters but also select color appropriately. Gold printed custom wedding card boxes can be highly significant for this purpose. It is because they look highly noticeable on the dark background. Similarly, silver foiled boxes are also easy to be read by the readers. In this way, these exclusive colors increase the importance of your words on invitation letters.

Leave A Sharp Impression

Attracting the audience is a matter of great importance for the companies to increase the sales of your products. This is the reason; companies want to leave a sharp first impression on their customers. Gold printed custom wedding card boxes can play an important role in improving your company value. It is because their sharp and captivating color can easily be caught by the first sight of the buyers. Silver foiled boxes also give the wedding ceremonies of people a certain theme that may impress them.

Customizable Shades

The shades of silver foiled boxes are also customizable that significantly appeal to the customers. You can go from light to dark shades of these custom wedding card boxes according to your liking, or the requirement of the background. As an example, you can go for a dark shade of golden color if the background of the cards is light. It will make the printed stuff more visible. On the other hand, light shades of printed words are more visible on a dark background.

High Quality Printing

Good quality printing stuff is not easy to be spoiled under normal circumstances. This type of printing retains your words on silver foiled boxes for a long time, without losing their glory. Foil printing includes one of the best materials that do not let your text to be easily spoiled. It is because custom wedding card boxes with gold or silver foiling are heated well to paste the foil firmly on them. Suitable embossing is also used to hold the printed stuff properly.

Inviting friends and relatives is an important custom of marriage celebrations. For this purpose, invitations in wedding card boxes are designed suitably. Gold and silver printing can be very helpful in this regard. They do give not only your wedding card boxes a premium look but also enhance the visibility of their text. Customizable shades of these invitations can help you give them an eye-catching look to attract the recipients.


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Written by Sara Smith

I am a designer with more than 7 years of experience in printing and packaging industry.


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