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Create your content marketing strategy

Before you create a content area, you must create your content strategy. Although the AI ​​creator uses its intelligence, you can control how it works. The more data you put into the tool, the better results you will get in return.

So, as part of the content marketing strategy, you need to find out the content gap for ranked content on SERPs. The next step is to plan your content to become the best resource on that particular topic. Then you can opt for content generation.

Cultivate AI content

AI-generated content sometimes sounds robotic. Even with GPT-3 technology, there can be some issues that make the content mechanical.

The problem is not with the Tech/AI tool. This is due to a mismatch between context and intent when providing the inputs to the tool. But readers on the web or in search engines don’t want to see content they don’t enjoy reading. You need to humanize the content that AI tools generate. The question is how!

Fulfill user intent

It doesn’t matter if you write the content yourself from scratch or generate the content with an AI tool, you have to fulfill the user’s intent. Now you might be wondering what the user’s intent is!

Now, when a person searches for something in the search engine, they’re looking for a certain type of data. Now, if you can provide the data a user is looking for, search engines will give you priority and your content will rank better. So, after you’ve generated each of your content from the AI ​​tools, double-check that it’s providing value to users.

Do keyword optimization

The good thing is if you use the AI writing tool you will see a score for the content. You can then read the tooltips and start the optimization task. Once you get your focus keywords right, your content score will go up. It indicates if your content is ready to rank on the SERPs or not. Check the authenticity of the data. The latest artificial intelligence writing technology is GPT-3. Most AI writing tools use this technology and combine it with their algorithm.


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